Independent Ottawa Escort - Sweet Emily J

Hello! My name is Emily J! :D

I am the cock-loving woman-next-door! I am an established and well recommended independent provider of intimate adult services in The National Capital Region. I provide different types of erotic encounters from full-service GFE companionship to sensual massage, and in between, or a delightful mix of both!

I cater to a diverse selection of gentlemen from various walks of life, who are seeking a sensual and friendly playmate who can fulfill their intimate needs. My companionship is honest and personal, and my invitation is to join me for an unpretentious, hassle-free, lighthearted and fun experience.

I’m down to earth, friendly, and natural in every way. I am extremely affectionate and my bedroom style leans towards the softer side of intimacy. I love kisses, cuddles, slow caresses, lots of foreplay, teasing and pleasing! While naturally sensual and gentle, I am a very enthusiastic and passionate playmate!

From the erotic sexual escapades, to the cuddles and conversation we will share, my company is always positively sincere. Whether you’re looking for an amazing hot & enthusiastic blow job, a delightfully sensual erotic massage, or a sweet lady to cuddle up with, (or all of the above), I’ve got what you need!

Age: 28 / Height: 5’4″ / Body Type: Curvy / Hair: Long Natural Blonde / Eye Colour: Blue / Bust: 38B

 Non-Smoker / Alcohol & Drug Free / No Tattoos / No Body Piercings / No Cosmetic Surgery


Self-Aware, Free-thinking, & Positively Insatiable!

As a woman of passion and sensuality, it figuratively and literally oozes from my body. I have always been fortunate to possess a naturally high sex drive, and now into my late 20s, I am truly unafraid to embrace it. In fact, it only gets better as I get older! I am free spirited and shamelessly promiscuous by nature, and am continuously on a quest for mutual pleasure. I feel no reason to deny myself all the good clean fun that there is out there to enjoy and explore!

I am healthy, happy, self reliant and truly autonomous in every sense of my life. I love my freedom & independence and don’t buy into the many boring social constructs that society sets out for us. I am a professional companion by choice, I love what I do. I value a natural and balanced approach to things, and have a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle. I appreciate a casual atmosphere, and don’t take myself, or life, too seriously.

I have a sound social awareness, and actively keep up with current affairs. I am a true animal lover; might be considered a bit of a hippy & tree hugger, and definitely a hopeless political junkie. 

Everything always comes back to the sex though. It’s always on my mind. ;-)


Get to Know Me Better…

Blogasms – My Orgasmic Blog!

Blogasms is my provocative, playful and passionate erotic blog. It is my personal little outlet to talk about stuff that I care about, things I think are funny or important issues. From erotic to entertaining, to educational. Blogasms consists of a few erotic stories, photos of my naughty adventures, interesting videos, sex work rights & legislation updates, links to various websites, and more. Go check it out! :)


See you soon!

Love, Emily J ;) xox

Independent Ottawa Escort & Erotic Massage Provider