A Slow Lick…

Enjoy these super sexy videos I hand picked to share with you from Camille Crimson & The Art of Blowjob. She is my inspiration when it comes to oral pleasure. It really is an art! This is what you could experience when you come spend time with me. ❤️

A soft, slow, sensual blow job.

Escalating into something toe-curling, mind-blowing and explosive.

Just what you need.

Hot. Sweet. Sensual.

A slow lick from the base to the tip.

Teasing, licking, tongue flicking.

A soft kiss. A gentle lick.

Getting harder.

Building it up slowly.

Jolting through your whole body.

Throbbing in beautiful agony.

Getting even harder.

Tingling. Pulsating.

Pushing you to the edge and back.

And then again.

My moist soft lips around you.

My tongue flicking the tip.

You’re holding on to the edge.

It feels so good.

Pushing you until you can’t control it.

Over the edge into electric waves of pleasure.

You need this.

You could have this.

I know even just reading this sent a jolt of excitement down to your cock.

Come experience something special. ❤️