Aching For Release


Ottawa Escort

The other day I was day dreaming about just one of many sexy scenarios of what you and I could do…

. . . . .

You arrive at my private location – A safe cozy space for just you & me
Soft, sexy rhythmic music plays – candles flickering – the welcoming scent of coconut, vanilla and spice
Starting with a warm embrace and kiss… and progressing…
Touching & teasing every last inch of you – You’re craving it.
Varied touches, pressures & movements to sooth, excite and stimulate you
Affectionate soft caresses, long steady smooth strokes, gentle wet licks, pleasant erotic fondling
A hard stoke. A light stroke. Warm breath in your ear. Goosebumps. Tingling.
My body pressing firmly against yours – Friction. Blood rushing throughout your loins…
You’re getting harder.
Pressing my perky boobs and hard nipples against your stiffening cock…
I can see the pre-cum oozing out of you as you groan with pleasure… I taste it.
I’m incredibly aroused as I tease you. Wetness gathering in my panties.
Holding your cock with my soft little hand – rubbing, stroking, teasing – massaging your balls
You’re feeling so fucking good, but I delay and deny your orgasm. Slowing down.
Wrapping my warm mouth around your cock – my tongue circling the head with desire.
Up and down – My warm, wet, warm, velvety mouth desperately wants your cum
You’re pulsating – tingling – throbbing – your body is trembling – aching for release
Urgency building, pace quickening, quickly losing control – you can’t hold back – let it go
Your hard cock explodes as the waves of pleasure to overcome your whole body…
As you release in total orgasm, your hot cum flows into my mouth. Gulp.

Writing this for you made me so wet. Time for me to cum now.

See you soon! :) Love, Emily xox