Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Generous

Hello friends. ❤️

Strange and scary times we are suddenly living in. While we knew of the threat of COVID-19 for months, it seemed like a far off issue, until last week when everything suddenly became real. Schools closing, major sports leagues suspending their seasons, folks being told to work from home, and so many more cancellations and changes. It all started to happen so fast. And here we are, social distancing and waiting to see what will happen next. Infections are skyrocketing and we’re told that there’s actually so many more than have been actually tested and included in the official numbers. We could be in this new reality for months, or longer.

The nature of our work as sex workers obviously makes it impossible for us to practice social distancing. So unfortunately many of us, including myself, have made the difficult decision to stop working in order to help stop the spread. We want to be responsible citizens and do the right thing. But that means our income drops to zero. The next little while is going to be very difficult for us. If it’s within your means, please support your favourite sex workers directly (I assure you they will be very grateful), or donate to The OIC Emergency Fund. Find out how to donate here.

Please take this risk seriously, and please follow the guidelines of public health officials. Social distance, social distance, social distance. Love your fellow citizens as if they were your family. The only way we are going to get past this as a society is if we work together.

Be kind, be safe, and be generous. ❤️