Beautiful Agony

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Orgasms are beautiful. And it’s not always all about cocks and pussies. Orgasms are a full body experience. They take over our whole bodies, not just out genitals. We make uncontrollable noises, and weird faces. And it’s all fucking hot.

Beautiful Agony is a unique website that shows thousands of people cumming – without a hint of nudity! And yet it is still incredibly arousing. In this digital world where XXX hardcore porn is so easily accessible at our fingertips, this site reminds us how leaving something to the imagination can often be just as stimulating and sexy, if not more.

I found this website several years ago, and it turned me on immensely. I come back to it from time to time and decided to share it with you here. Here is a little preview:


Check out a bunch of free videos of beautiful people having beautiful orgasms on Beautiful Agony’s Vimeo site.

And be sure to check out the main website with tonnes of videos to choose from, and new videos coming out several times a day! :)