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Carlin & Betty

Hi everyone! :)

I blogged about Betty & Carlin over several years ago in one of my very first posts here at Blogasms. I love them and their site so much, I wanted to put out another piece for you.

Knowledge is power, and as someone who never stops thinking about sex, and someone with a thirst for knowledge, I am often browsing various sex related things online. While there is a lot of crap out there, there is also a lot of great info, too. The trick is weeding out the garbage and supporting the good stuff. Betty & Carlin are definitely a sexual force for good. Sexual superheroes, if you will.

The tagline of their website says it all: Better Orgasms. Better World. 

Betty Dodson is an artist, author and sex educator. She was one of the founders of the “pro-sex feminist” movement, and has been around since the late 1960s, promoting sex positive ideas. Betty is well known known as a pioneer in women’s sexual liberation, and has widely advocated the importance of masturbation, including conducting workshops in which groups of 10 to so women get together, explore their own bodies, talk about their beautiful vulvas and masturbate together. It’s often touted as a very healing and cathartic experience. As 85 years old she is still running strong, and blogs often on the website.

Carlin Ross is a lawyer, author and activist. She is the daughter of a Christian fundamentalist minister, and she says growing up in that type of environment taught her how sexual repression is used to control and manipulate others. She also comes from a long line of feminist suffragettes. In 2011, her and Betty made history, and caused controversy, by showing a private session that showed the first vulva and orgasm on national television – and it was Carlin’s.

Their website also has lots of contributing writers and bloggers, and includes videos, pictures, links  Q&A’s and topics about everything sex related that you can imagine. From masturbation to group sex, big labia, small cocks, sexual dysfunction and how to make your orgasms better, nothing is forgotten! The videos of these two ladies talking about various topics is hilarious too… they have NO shame (nor should they) and I love it!

Here is a bit of their mission statement from their About Us tab:

We Believe:

— Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexual activity.

— Sexual repression begins with the prohibition of childhood masturbation.

— Masturbation is how we learn to like our genitals, discover our sexual responses, and build sexual self-esteem.

— Sex is a fundamental human right.

— Every individual is entitled to contraception. Intentional motherhood is essential for the health and well being of women, children, men and the planet.

— In the sanctity of the human body. We denounce all forms of genital mutilation; circumcision, female genital mutilation, cosmetic vaginal surgery and genital surgery in infancy.

— All genital imagery is protected by the first amendment. No religion or government has the right to create shame by censoring the depiction of our sex organs which are the source of profound beauty, pleasure and life itself.

— In comprehensive sex education that includes information on how to achieve sexual pleasure in a variety of sex styles and relationships.

— In the freedom to choose from a range of different lifestyles such as remaining single, couples living together casually, monogamous or open marriages and all variations of communal living based upon personal choice.

— In eliminating myths surrounding human sexuality from virginity to monogamous marriage, love everlasting and the myth of necessity of motherhood for all women.

— The concept of beauty is arbitrary and controlled by corporations that prey on women’s lack of self-esteem.

— Sexual pleasure and orgasm is the source of life and creativity. As we awaken our bodies through the senses, we awaken our minds to the knowledge that we are all related and connected to every living thing on planet Earth and throughout the vast universe.

How perfect. It is exactly on target with how I feel about human sexuality. And what really draws me to these woman and this website is the major focus on sexual pleasure. There are so many resources out there dedicated to STIs, sexual health, sexual orientation, and sexuality in general, but so little focus on sexual pleasure and it’s importance. We always hear about the dangers of expressing ourselves sexually, but rarely do we find information resources about actual pleasure, how to achieve it, and the true joy in it. Sex is a positive and powerful force in our lives. It helps us create connections to other people and it helps us enjoy the world. Sexual pleasure, and a healthy sex life (with or without a partner) is incredibly important to our emotional and physical health and well-being.

Check out it: