Cover Your Stump, Before You Hump!

If you slip between her thighs… Condomize!!! =)

Yes, that is a dress made of condoms. Awesome!

It’s National Condom Week! February 14 to 21. So remember: the right selection, is to protect your erection. And wrap that rod before you please her bod. And don’t forget: sheath that knife if she ain’t your wife!

Condoms are sexy, and they can be beautiful too. Check out this story from a while back about an artist who created a portrait of Pope Benedict made entirely of condoms. 17,000 of them. The irony is delightful!

If you haven’t heard about the Sex it Smart program from the city of Ottawa, go check it out. It’s pretty great that we live in such an amazing and smart country where you can have condoms discreetly delivered to your home or office on demand, for free. Get some!

Since we’re talking about safe sex, it’s a good time to remind you guys of the wonderful non-judgemental, discreet and anonymous sexual health services at The Ottawa Sexual Health Centre and Satellite Clinics. Read more here.

Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener! Play safe, lovers! You can’t go wrong if you shield your dong, because condoms are always in fashion…


Emily xox