Happy New Year!

Ottawa Escort Sweet Emily J

Happy New Year, friends! :) I wish you happiness, good health, fulfillment, and lots of pleasure in 2018!

As humans, we need to be touched and everyone needs some cuddles! Not only does it just feel good, but it is a vital part of an all around healthy life!

-Cuddling releases oxytocin

-Cuddling boosts your immune system

-Cuddling relieves pain (both physical and psychological)

-Cuddling reduces social anxiety

-Cuddling reduces stress

-Cuddling reduces risk of heart disease

-Cuddling boosts memory

-Cuddling improves communication skills

-Cuddling encourages a positive disposition

-Cuddling can lead to more, or it lead to round two! ;-)

This year, resolve to get all of the intimate personal attention that you deserve! :) xo