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March 10, 2020 – Bobby Keys

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Time Flies When You’re Having Fun”

After a few months and a number of encounters, it seems like no time at all has passed, but Em and I are old friends catching up. By now, she definitely knows what I like and plays in to it, taking me to new heights as journey progresses. I look forward to each next visit with anticipation and have only been pleasantly surprised.

Her Siren’s Song draws me back, but I am not trapped, rather renewed.

November 5, 2019 – Bobby Keys

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Truth in Advertising”

I had the pleasure of seeing SweetEmilyJ three times so far and have been wanting to shout her name from a mountaintop, so giving her a good review seems easier.

The reason I say “Truth in Advertising” is because she lays it all out there for you on her very well put together website and blog. If anything she is understated when talking about herself and her abilities – including the part about blowing my mind – check – smoking crater where my mind was.

I reread the main page of her site preparing for our third encounter, which was a bit longer, and it really amazed me how each word rang true. I was originally drawn by where I could tell her head was from the gallery and blog. Again, i was pleasantly surprised at how dead on accurate all the subtle inference was.

The location is discrete and nice, she greets me waiting for her and is always ready on time and in immaculate mood and grooming. I strongly suggest following her guidance to do the same, she really is appreciative and makes it known.

I could spend more time echoing past recommendations which now sound familiar, but have already said enough when I say, one more time.

December 24, 2018 – mikesuty

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Hi, I had the pleasure meeting with Emily on a rainy friday afternoon. What a wonderful person she is. Her place is clean and smell good. Location is easy to find and private. Her service is amazing. Her body is perfect.

For me the pillow talk is as important than the rest of the evening and I was not disappointed.

I definitely would recommend her.

November 1, 2018 – FunElement12

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”
I’ve been seeing Emily for a few years now. She is absolutely wonderful and I’ve enjoyed every visit with her. She is funny, witty, engaging and quick to laugh. She sets a very relaxing and inviting environment. She is very sexy, very comfortable and confident. Emily always sees to it that I get the most out of our time together be it a bit more calm and relaxed or with higher intensity. I always know in advance that I will have a great time with her. She is always ready on time and greets me with the most inviting smile.

Her incall is easy to get to and very private.

February 4, 2018 – mjbear

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Sweet Emily J”
I was in Ottawa for a few days and I was fortunate enough to see Sweet Emily J. This young lady’s photos on her website do not do her justice. I was met at the door with a big hug and a soft supple kiss no better way to start the date off. We shared some time sitting and talking getting to know a little bit each other.

Emily moved closer and shortly after was sitting on my lap as we continued to chat, her lips were so soft and delicious to kiss.

Eventually, we made our way to the bed, I don’t think I can add anything that hasn’t already been written. What I will say is that I’m so very happy that I was able to experience the sweetness that Emily was able to provide.

A true lady who I will definitely make a point of seeing on my next visit to Ottawa.

January 15, 2018 – FunElement12

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”
I’ve been seeing Emily on a very regular basis for the past few years. I can attest without any hesitation that Emily is an amazing person. She is warm, friendly, engaging and very very sexy. When I first started seeing Emily I had no experience with escorts, I remember being so stressed just before meeting her for the first time but within the first few moments with her all my stress was gone. Emily instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Emily is always in a awesome mood and always greets me with the warmest smile and hug, She has a terrific way of making me feel very welcomed. Without getting into the details of our encounters it is very obvious that Emily enjoys what she does, she is confident, playful, sensual and sexy. Emily is also very attentive to the small details that often make you feel special. As a repeat client, she remembers the little things I like to do which I find makes for a greater experience. She seamlessly incorporates my favourite activities into my time with her. I find this enhances my visit because I feel like I truly have a girlfriend if only for a few precious hours!

Her body and soft skin are absolutely delightful to cuddle up to and caress. I very much enjoy the last part of my visits with her, we tend to cuddle up together and have an easy conversation about life, current affairs or common interest. We laugh and do not take ourselves too seriously. Her incall is easy to get to and quite discreet, it is the perfect place to forget the world outside and enjoy all that Emily has to offer.

November 3, 2016 – q314s

TERB Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Extremely easy time setting up an appointment with her through her website (which is really cute). Always responded to any questions I had within a reasonable time, and in a friendly, and involved kind of way. Location discretion isn’t a very big issue for me as I don’t actually live in Ottawa but for someone who may be uneasy about that kind of thing there isn’t really anything to worry about. Nice little condo, tucked away, with free parking out front. I arrived pretty early since I lived further away and didn’t want to be late. I don’t think I had to wait at all passed our arranged time before I was given the room number and managed to pull myself out of my car. As I walked up to her door I could hear movement and a shadow below the door already opening the door to greet me. A cute little girl with gorgeous long straightened hair. She was dressed in a sexy sheer white gown type outfit with a really white lace thong on underneath, and invited me in with a smile, a hello, and a hug. She has such soft skin and smelled great! I am a very shy/introverted/shut in person and she initiated conversations, and when I killed them because I don’t know how to talk to people very well she always had something else to try and keep it going, it was very nice and made me feel less awkward. She led me into a dim lit room with a small electric fireplace going. All the bed sheet colours combined with the fire and lighting seemed to fit with the fall season. She offered me a glass of water and then we sat down to have some small conversations during which she slowly progressed the situation. Touching my leg, rubbing my thigh, until finally sitting in my lap while continuing conversation. Kissing, lfk, and dfk followed while she sat in my lap and let me explore her supple breasts and nipples, and feel the small of her back to her amazing butt. I really couldn’t get enough of her butt the whole time I was there. She stepped off to undo my zipper and begin her bbbj which was incredible. We moved to her bed where we continued with the bbbj, and evolved into bls, and 69. She tastes amazing and grinded on my tongue a little. We continued this for quite a while basically because of how silent I was, until she off offered we move forward. She put a glove on me and sat on me for cowgirl. From there we moved right into doggy which again I didn’t manage to last at all but this time I just let it go. At that point there were about 10 minutes remaining so we laid there talking a little. We got up and she offered me a shower but I figured I was already at the end of my time and didn’t want to overstay my welcome. I got dressed and I talked with her a little about her outfits I liked from some of her pictures. She gave me a kiss and a hug and I was off. I purchased a souvenir to take back with me to remember my time, and it still smells like her!

I couldn’t have asked for anything better, especially for my first time. She is the cutest, sweetest girl, and I will definitely return. Anybody that is new to this kind of thing like me I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in any aspect with Emily and I recommend if you’re on the fence about doing this kind of thing like I was, she makes it really easy.

I’m a younger guy busy working, trying to pay off school loans so I won’t be able to do this kind of thing as much as I’d like like a lot of other people. And this was probably way too detailed of a review but it was my very first one and she was definitely worth writing it all out. Can’t thank her enough.

October 8, 2016 – FunElement12

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

I’ve been seeing Emily on a rather regular and frequent basis for over a year now. I truly have enjoyed every one of my visits with her. Emily is always in a great mood, always warm and always so sexy.

On the one hand I really like the familiarity that comes with seeing Emily on a regular basis because she knows me well now and knows the things I like to do during my time with her. There is something I really enjoy about knowing how I will be greeted when Emily answers the door and knowing that I will have a great time with her. I am by nature somewhat shy and reserved when meeting people so I enjoy the relaxed friendliness that comes with regular visits.

On the other hand I completely enjoy that we try new things and Emily always keeps it fresh and satisfying. She totally knows how to get things going and certainly knows how to get me going! For me it’s the best of both worlds: A friendly, comfortable and carefree visit with a very sexy woman who knows how to make my time with her very hot. I would also add that Emily is very professional and truly provides a safe, judgment free space where it is very easy to forget about the outside world. I certainly intend on continuing my regular visits with Emily.

August 2016 – SexyBear271

The Erotic Review Member Recommendation

“Really hot – Forgot it was a service”

I found Emily’s ad and checked out her website and blog. I was going to be visiting Ottawa for business in the middle of August and I was looking for someone to have fun with. Submitted her contact form and sent her a brief intro email. A few days later made contact via phone and setup a date for the Wednesday evening I was going to be in town. Emily arrived a few minutes early and when I opened the door to my hotel room she was definitely a beautiful sight to behold. We had a fantastic hour together and she really knows her craft.

We started with some small talk and getting to know each other along with some light petting and then after about 10 minutes or so off came the clothes and it was off to erotic feel good time! Emily has the most amazing BBBJ skills I have ever experienced, she started off slow and it was almost like she was not touching my cock and yet it was the most intense sensation I have ever felt, she worked her way up to some amazing sucking and attention to the boys and then we switched to some DATY and after a time she made it to the big O. Emily is very genuine and it seemed like she was really enjoying herself, if she was faking it then she should win an academy award. She then asked how I would like to proceed (put on cover and fuck or go back to BBBJ?) Emily is so good at BBBJ I begged her to finish me off that way. She spent the next 20 minutes working my cock better than I have ever had before, bringing me to the edge a number of times and then finally giving me release until I exploded CIM. We cleaned up and made a few minutes of social talk and then got dressed and Emily made her goodbyes. If I am ever in Ottawa again I will definitely be looking her up!

July 30, 2016 – gntlmn

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily is VERY sweet”

I recently saw Emily for my 5th straight birthday visit with her. Her service is consistently top notch. And, of course, given the number of times I’ve seen her everything is very relaxed and comfortable between us. I love DATY with her (and have actually gotten carried away — sorry, Em lol). Anyway, I’ll repeat my previous opinions simply: She’s great.

July 21, 2016 – Campfunfinder

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Met Sweet Emily J a couple of months ago and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Emily was the first SP I saw and I had not idea what to expect. She took no time to get me to relax from her sweet smile and that first kiss. We started to talk to calm my nerves and then things naturally evolved. From the time I set foot in the door to the last cuddles and each of us quivering from the another, Emily took great care of me and I left with a big smile on my face. Thank you Emily!

June 14, 2016 – bdd1943

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

I had the pleasure of visiting Emily recently. As I am a senior I wondered how things would go as there is a great age difference. She greeted me with a hug and a warm kiss. This sure helped me to relax a little. We chatted on a variety of subjects as though we were old friends. As others have said, she is one sweet lady. I left after an hour and a half with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I look forward to seeing her again as soon as I can.

June 10, 2016 – NotchJohnson

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Try Anything Once”
I have met with Emily for the first time on this past Monday and I can say that I see where she gets her Lyla name(Sweet Emily J) from. I had been in contact with Emily for some time now(more then a year) for one on one and for two on one fantasy. Well I tried for the first time the two on one with her partner Robin and I can say that I had a really good time and we made Emily Fun many times.
Everything mention on all the recommendation about Emily and Robin are true and wanted to add my experience to the rest of them to show my appreciation and to thank them for the good time I had(and so did they from what they told me)

They get a top Notch seal of approval from me.

June 4, 2016 – s85rollover

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”
After seeing Emily a few times on my own I decided to explore with a session that included her partner Robin. Emily has received many recommendations over time so many of you already know how sweet and totally sexy she is. What I did notice is that when she is with Robin she is even sexier. It is so obvious that they have good chemistry together. Robin is very nice, laid back and easy to talk to. I was quite nervous about the session since it was my first time but both of them made it very easy to relax . It was really fun to have both Robin and I play with Emily and it was amazing to have the attention of both of them on me. Watching them take complete care of me was pure pleasure. They certainly do create a fun relaxed atmosphere to explore new things. I booked again with them since my first visit and again I had an amazing time . I was left completely drained and very very happy! I certainly intend on repeating many more times.

March 23, 2016 – mulletman

Lyla Member Recommendation

“great experience”
Finally got to see Emily after reading all her great reviews.
It was a great session , with her making me feel very comfortable at first and through- out the session. Was very un rushed and comfortable.
She has a very pretty face and looks a lot younger then her website.
Her sweet character is such a plus to the whole session .
Session was everything I wanted :)

Location is good and easy access/parking, room was (very) bright and clean.
Shower was good with clean towels.

Overall an excellent experience :)

February 14, 2016 – FunElement12

Lyla Member Recommenda]tion

“Emily J”
It’s hard to come up with anything new considering all the glowing recommendations for Emily but I think I have a new twist: I’m a woman. Over time I came to realize that I wanted to be with a woman but could not figure out how to go about that without potentially damaging my happy marriage. After many discussions with my husband we concluded that finding the right escort was the way for me to go about this. I must say that I did indeed find that in Emily. Prior to my first meeting with Emily we exchanged a few emails because I had many questions and I was quite nervous about meeting her. Emily’s tone in her emails was very positive and reassuring, she quickly realized that I was nervous about meeting her and was nice enough to answer all my questions. From the first few moments together I knew that everything would go well. Emily was warm, friendly and completely present with me during our time together. We talked on the bed at first as she slowly inched herself closer to me. She has a great ability to pace things and helped me move along from one step to another. I guess I can say that I enjoyed myself a lot on that 1st meeting because I ‘ve been back over a dozen times in the last 6 months. I can honestly say that Emily is warm, genuine and engaging every time I go visit. She is also very sensual and very very sexy! She clearly knows what she is doing! I obviously enjoy the sexy part of our time together but I also very much enjoy the laid-back conversations we have while cuddling. She is a world class cuddler!! Her incall is easy to get to with plenty of parking, discreet and safe.

Of course at some point my husband wanted to play too! Why should I have all the fun. We decided to have Emily and her partner Robin over for a session at a hotel. Robin is warm and engaging just like Emily. Again we talked for a little while before getting things started, Emily and Robin have a perfect mix of cute, sexy and hot. Their chemistry is great together, they are very very hot to watch. Emily got things started and Robin was right there helping along. It was intense and immensely pleasurable but also unscripted and fun. Both Emily and Robin are beyond pros at the physical part of a visit with them but they are also both very professional, which means to me that they are on time, completely engaging and know how to ensure that you have the best time possible. So my recommendation is as follows: if you are a woman and you want to explore being with a woman but are hesitant, Emily is the person for you! If you are a couple and you want to keep things spicy and fresh, trust me, Emily and Robin will most certainly do that for you!

December 28, 2015 – Rubs

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Sweet Emily J”
I finally connected with Emily Last month. I prefer to stay with massage ladies, just my preference. I have and sampled with BJ’s but none of them have been satisfying. However i had been visiting Emily’s web page and blog for a couple years and couldn’t believe she how passionate she is about giving them. So over the past year with growing interest and miss connects I finally met Emily. My God She is so amazingly skilled and has a caring personality.

I almost didn’t post a recommendation in fear that by doing so I would never find an open appointment time with her again. OMG she deserves every compliment read on this review board.

Needless to say there are more BJ’s from Sweet Emily J in my future!!!!!!!!

Thank you Emily


July 2015 – nsguy79

The Erotic Review Member Recommendation

“Emily J”
She opened the door and let me in dressed in a nighty, her pictures do not do her justice, told her what i was there for and she went out of her way to set the lights how I wanted them and set me at ease.

Emily is a really outgoing girl, with an amazing body that I would like to see more of though I only booked for a BBBJ. For the first couple of minutes we made small talk, until a point where she invited me to make myself comfortable. I got undressed and laid on the bed asking her to sit on the side so I could play with her pussy. She started very nicely, with playful teasing until I got a half boner when she started sucking with more passion to one of the best DTs there are. She sucked my dick, spat on it, even slapped it a little as it got bigger and harder. Towards the end she asked me to move on the edge of the bed and as my dick started throbbing on the verge of finishing she’d began sucking it even more energetically and I blew a huge load in her mouth. She looked up with a look of satisfaction and a smirk, then we kissed and it was time for me to get ready to go.

Good value for what I wanted and if I feel the urge I will definitely repeat!

July 11, 2015 – SebDangerfield

TERB Member Recommendation

“Review – Emily J”
So was full of lust and not in the mood for something resembling a tiny ship, and put my mind to research. Not awful. And not something where I do a perp walk. To the ruination of my otherwise happy life. And came up with the lovely Emily J. Not in vanier – check. No bad reviews – check. Has a website, and dedicated enough to slap it together herself – check. A pro. Who loves what she does = :D

Painless check with name and phone. Call her and am so nervous I mangle the address and protocol. And she laughs it off and is indulgent. Greets me at the door in a thong and a baby-doll/empire waist sheer top. And is all smiles and not the least bit transactional. To her bedroom where she sits me down and makes me feel completely at ease, as I kinda babble. I think you people call that a gfe? And eventually smiles and strips off my clothes and lays me on the bed.

Where she proceeds to give me the best bbj and cim I’ve ever received, and I’m 6’2 and pretty, easy with broads, so that’s saying something.

At the end, I was like 5 minutes left so I best bounce, cause I don’t want to intrude and she asks me if I want to shower, which I thought was fucking cool and the opposite of counting the clock. But I had stuff to do. So bolted. With a kiss.

Anyway, would highly recommend. Sweet. And kind. And impossibly lovely and gracious. :D

April 30, 2015 – AnnaPurna

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

It is a bit difficult to cover new ground with for a recommendation since many other people have already commented on their experience with Emily J.

What I can say is that she really knows how to both respect and treat anyone who visits.

You are greeted with a warm, friendly smile and she quickly puts you at ease with her easy-going manner and great conversation style.

The session seemed to go by quickly since it was enjoyable, but I didn’t feel rushed at any time.

Emily is a sweetheart and I’m glad that I finally made an appointment.

March 31, 2015 – Phaedrus

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

I’m home from work. It’s been a long day. I need something to… improve things. so I log on to everyone’s favourite board and… look what’s in the shoutbox! I’m reminded that I haven’t sampled the delights of Emily’s massage skills yet, although I’ve been meaning to for what seems like ages. And since I’m tired and lazy and feel like letting someone else do all the work, there’s only one thing to do!

A couple of emails and texts and a short drive later, and I’m cursing the weather as I walk to the door. Five minutes later, that’s all forgotten because I’m sitting on a couch chatting with a lovely lady who’s wearing significantly less than me. I’d forgotten how smart and easy to talk to Emily is; the conversation just flows without effort, and soon (and with a similar lack of effort) I’m lying down and enjoying the feeling of Emily’s hands working out all the day’s tension.

Her massage skills are very good; a nice mix of firmness and gentle, teasing touches, with gradually less firmness and more teasing, and eventually the teasing gives way to… not teasing any more At this point, my friends, my story ends… you’ll have to use your imaginations to work out how it ends. I’ll give you a hint – all that stuff about the long day and the freezing weather was utterly forgotten by the time I walked out of Emily’s door with a smile on my face.

I have a feeling I’ll be walking back through it before long.

March 14, 2015 – Gntlmn

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

I’ve been seeing Emily for almost 3 years now and she still satisfies me muchly. All the previous positive comments about her and her service/technique are still true. What I’d add, though, is that she also knows how to pace the session. She gets down to business right away, yes, but the “business” begins in an introductory sort of way and then VERY nicely ramps up over time. Many other SPs/MAs start manipulating the taliwacker too actively to start, I find. Or, maybe I’m just getting older and appreciate this approach now. Whatever, Emily “gets it”. And she’s just a cool chick!

November 12, 2014 – fr33yay0

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Great Lunch!” 


If you are reading this, you are me of last week. Do yourself the favor and book with this amazing lady! I work all the time and had the pleasure of visiting during my lunch hour today. Everything else you read on here is absolutely true. One of the best times I have ever had. Once we were done, she asked if I wanted to go again… but I truly wanted to just lay in bed and talk a bit. She’s a great kisser and the oral skills are to die for. Best hour I’ve spent in a while, I had some back luck on cerb but she has definitely turned it around!

Amazing all around person. I will def. repeat.

November 8, 2014 – Bobby1975

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Just Wonderful” 

Emily is just a fantastic girl who really knows her way around a man’s body, and more specifically, his manhood. She has a great attitude, and takes what she does seriously. She is game to try things, and open minded. I’ve been seeing her fairly regularly now for about a year and a half, and I love her vibe. She goes the extra mile to fulfil your fantasy.

Did I mention she is sexy as hell? She has a body you want to lick, kiss and suck every part of. Her skin is super soft. The atmosphere when you are with her is one of decadent pleasure.

I recommend her to anyone who appreciates a quality girlfriend experience. She’s the kind of girlfriend who is what I would call a real sexual “trooper”, and can handle a lot of different situations.

I very rarely repeat, and very rarely more than once. The fact that I have been coming back on a regular basis for so long speaks to what the Emily experience is…

In short, it’s hot, sensual, affectionate, and just wonderful.

November 7, 2014 – Exile 135

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Recently arrived in Ottawa and new to the CERB scene and looking for a experience, some patient searching brought me to the website of Sweet Emily J. Looking for a primarily oral experience I was impressed with the enthusiasm with which she wrote about her own interest in this activity on her blog. Seeing all the positive recommendations online I sent off an e-mail requesting an appointment. A response was quickly received, a few more e-mails exchanged and on Saturday I presented myself at her place in the west end of the city.

When the door opened I was greeted by a very attractive young woman in pretty black lingerie. With a friendly smile she ushered me into her spotless and very cosy apartment. It was nicely-furnished and quite comfortable. A gas fireplace was blazing away in the bedroom, where we soon found ourselves.

Emily is charming and intelligent and it was a pleasure to chat with her but even more of a pleasure to kiss and stroke her, something she clearly likes too. She has lovely bright eyes and flawless skin, which became even more apparent (and enjoyable) when her lingerie came off. The photos on her website are good but really do not capture her animated personality. But the long straight dark blonde hair was the same, along with the soft curves. She has beautiful breasts with extremely responsive, kissable nipples. She enjoys a gentle touch and it felt wonderful to hold her close as we kissed intensely.

Moving downwards past her delightful breasts I moved along her soft tummy and along the tops of her thighs, enjoying the colour of her skin, her scent, her taste. Our oral adventure began as I told her to relax as I teased her and then discovered that Sweet Emily is very sweet indeed.

A brief pause with kisses for refreshment and it was her turn to spoil me. Much has been written here about her oral skills and nothing has been exaggerated. It was arousing to watch her, feeling her probe and touch before the inevitable surrender. The too-fast hour concluded after I had another opportunity to taste her and I like to think that when I left we were both feeling a bit light-headed.

If you are looking for a Girl Friend Experience, Emily is not only attractive but affectionate in the best way, better than most (well, all) the girl friends I ever had in the past. My only regret is not booking for two hours.

October 2, 2014 – Maximo

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Had the pleasure of meeting up with Emily J two nights ago and boy am I glad I did. From the minute I met her at the door she was very attentive and made sure my needs were met. I must admit I LOVED her oral skills. This woman really knows how to please in every way. I left her place not able to walk steady on VERY wobbly Knees. Gentleman I would highly recommend Emily for a great time.

Thanks Again Emily J it was fantastic.

August 2, 2014 – Bobby1975

Lyla Member Recommendation

“The Best”

I just came back from a lengthy trip abroad, and realize that I hadn’t written about the wonderful time I had with Emily a few weeks before I left, back in the Spring.

Emily is a true artist. If you are into unrushed, totally decadent BJs, you simply need not go elsewhere. I had a little scenario that I had sent her before our session, and she fully made it a reality. She really knows what she’s doing. The memories of your encounters with her will remain quite vividly in your mind, and will arouse you whenever you recall them thereafter.

May 26, 2014 – Boron5

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Great website, lots of pics (she’s even prettier in person), and enough writing to really get a feel for who she is. My time researching had paid off and I decided to visit Emily while in Ottawa. I worried about too little or too much time, and eventually decided on 3 hours of the girlfriend experience. She made it perfect.

Emily was my first visit with a professional. All of my uncertainties and doubts fell away with that first hug. I just immediately felt like I was visiting a good friend for an evening. Someone who didn’t even notice the imperfections that I’m self-conscious about. She quickly figured me out and started with the massage I unknowingly needed and greatly enjoyed. We cuddled and kissed, moved on to some great oral fun, then stopped for a snack of fresh fruit and just talked for a while. From there, the rest of the evening just played out in a pleasurable manner. I left feeling wonderful and looking forward to the next time I could be in Ottawa.

I loved watching her get off on my tongue, and being complimented on my skill. I can’t describe how good her oral is. She totally emptied me.

The whole experience was just amazing. Thank you so much Emily.

March 2014 – Dave33333

The Erotic Review Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

This girl is a keeper. Emily J is a passionate girl who knows her trade and obviously loves here job. Will definitely repeat.

I had the privilege to meet Emily J earlier this week and I must say that it was an absolutely amazing experience.

When I arrived Emily greeted me at the door in some really nice lingerie and greeted me with a big hug and sensual kiss. We chatted for a bit before proceeding to the bedroom where we talked for a bit and had some nice kissing. She then asked me if I would like to make use of the facilities to freshen up and I happily obliged her as I feel that one can never be too fresh!

When I stepped back into the bedroom we proceeded with some more kissing and she happily started to strip in a teasing matter and gave me a little bit of a lap dance to get me going and did that ever work! She asked me what I was into and told her that I would love to experience her oral specialties, but not before I did a little DATY on her to which she was very very responsive to, and then proceeded for a little DATO which drove her nuts.

Then she decided it was time to return the favour and proceeded to give me one of the best BBBJ’s I have ever had.

I won’t go into more detail then that, but what I can say is that I fully enjoyed my first experience with Emily and plan to repeat as often as possible. She went above and beyond to provide a really amazing atmosphere for me and I thank her for that. She truly is a gem that you don’t find everywhere!

March 13, 2014 – sarabande

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Emily is a terrific woman and she delivers on every front. Warmth, intelligence, enthusiasm, sensitivity, professionalism, conversation, understanding, patience.

You can read about the sex in other posts. It’s all true.

If you are newbie looking for a great first experience, look no further.

Thank you Emily for all that you have done for me. I’m very happy to know you. See you again soon!

March 11, 2014 – Bobby1975

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Another Great Time”

Saw Emily again after a long while, being busy on my end. She is just as great as ever. Very comfortable to be around, and very talented. I went with her new BJ-only session, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I walked away singing and feeling like on a cloud. We always have nice conversation too, both before and after the main event. Go ahead and give Emily a try. She will take very good care of you.

February 22, 2014 – joeblowcurious

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Fantastic Time”

I had the pleasure of seeing Emily this week and I am happy to say that one more item gets crossed off my so called bucket list.

I had a great one hour visit with Emily she is so down to earth and has such an open minded view on life. Meeting people like this just makes my day!

Thanks for the wonderful time together Emily.


October 26, 2013 – jfpln

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Sweet and Sexy !”

I have had the honour to spend an hour with Emily earlier this week. I will cherish the memories of this brief encounter forever…

Sweet, soft, sensual, sexy… all those qualities certainly apply to Emily but somewhat fall short in describing this amazing woman. Intelligent, smart, cultivated, witty, foxy, simple and generous should be added to the list, establishing half a description.

Thank you for everything, Sweet Emily J. Be well and see you next time !


October 14, 2013 – sm1le4me

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

As a new CERB member, having joined 2 weeks ago, and a novice with these lifestyle experiences, I was quite intimidated by the whole thing.

I knew I needed to have a great first experience or I would have probably given up, which was putting a lot of undue pressure on me and maybe more so on the “angel of my desire”.

For me, I need companionship first, so chemistry would lead the direction of our encounter and hopefully an explosive event for both.

I read the profiles, posts, recommendations, and visited the ladies personal websites. I found the posts and websites the most insightful. You can never do enough research.

…which brought me to Sweet Emily J.

I contacted Emily through her website and provided the requested screening information, which was actually reassuring since she knows nothing of me. After a few extra email exchanges to establish a rapport, more for me to reduce the tension, we were set for a 2 hour get together; in hindsight for me, it’s a minimum. I requested settling the contribution prior, via Interac email transfer, so we could both focus on our time.

I arrived at Emily’s door, nervous as all hell, but did manage to knock. She opened the door wearing a beautiful smile and negligee, and then invited me into her arms for the sweetest hello I’ve had in a long time. She’s gorgeous!

Emily struck up a conversation right away and I felt the rapport continuing to build from the email exchanges. After what seemed like a few minutes of me just staring, she casually led me to the bedroom, where we sat and continued chatting. We talked about a number of things including her website, and how I thought it was a perfect representation of her. Emily’s blog, “Blogasms”, was another topic of discussion, especially since it has quite a diverse set of posts. Everyone should have a read.

All the while, during our chat, as we lay on the bed, Emily would caress and get a little bit closer and more intimate. I responded in kind with light kisses and began to explore those luscious curves. We both took turns enjoying and exploring the other and were building up to quite a crescendo. I think we made it a few times to “Hedonistic Heaven”, and definitely heard the sweet moans of “A Rhapsody for Two”.

There is no question I will see Emily again, really soon…

…and I did 3 days later and experienced another blissful event with great conversation and some seriously intense intimacy.

I still felt nervous, but not as much as the first time.

I also really enjoyed the lead up to our get together’s, since for me part of the fun is the buildup before, looking for a little gift, exchanging an email to stoke the fire and just having something special to look forward to.

Since this went so well the first time, and I already had to have a return visit, I would say there will be more to come (pun intended).

So for all the gentleman that are new and considering this lifestyle, I recommend and nominate Emily J as the unofficial “CERB Ambassador of “Good Will/Good Times”.


August 27, 2013 – Oz078

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Amazing Time”

I had the privilege to spend some time with this amazing lady. After we conversed thru PMs and Emails for a bit, I decided to meet Emily. As it was my first time meeting, I was defiantly a bit nervous when I arrived. However, Emily’s demeanour and personality immediately put me at ease. The hour and a half passed way too quickly.

After our conversation, we began a bit more intense session. Though I will not go into any major details, I will say that Emily thoroughly enjoys her time with people. She defiantly excels in pleasing and will not disappoint.

I only hope that I get the opportunity to meet her again soon.


August 26, 2013 – horseshoes99

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Another WOW for me.”

Emily was the First Lady I have met that I have spent a whole hour with. Never thinking I could last a whole hour without exploding

I pm’d her on a Wednesday and by Friday I was in heaven. Nothing is better then an afternoon delight with such a beautiful lady

I met at her private location which was easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Easy instructions what more could you ask for

When I got into her place she put me at ease very quickly with some small chat before things got very hot. Again if you have read any of my other recos I love DATY and if the girl doesn’t offer it, I’m probably not seeing you

So we starting with some light kissing before she started to show some of her oral skills she is always bragging about. Just kidding. Her oral skills are a 13 out of 10. Beyond words describe it. Before long I was ready to explode so we changed positions. Her on her back and my head resting between get thighs. Just the way I love it. Had to give myself some time to calm down. Well I told her in my pm a that I loved daty and she soon found out I wasn’t kidding. After about a half hour of indulging myself and I’m sure giving her some release multiple times she proceeded to show me those oral skills again

This time I was ready for her as I can somewhat control myself and made me last. Looking down at her was like looking at the pictures in the oral lovers group except if was my cock.

We finished up with her on top of me and me getting to enjoy two handfuls of joy until I finished. I truly can’t believe I lasted as long as I did

Afterwords we layed there and talked for awile about some old jobs we each had until it was time to go

She is a very understanding lady that if you come prepared to enjoy the time and company she will let you leave with an experience some people only wish for

Definitely a 10 out if 10 in all aspects Can’t wait to meet up with you again


August 6, 2013 – qwert

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Emily twice.”

And I’ve signed up to CERB for the express purpose of writing her a glowing recommendation.

Setting up the first meeting with her was simple and straightforward – given that she has to take certain precautions. Her west end location is perfect for me.

The first meeting was everything that I had hoped for and far more than I expected. In person she is even more attractive than her photos. She was a congenial hostess – intelligent, friendly, sexy, sensual, passionate and accommodating. The session was pure pleasure, I was made to feel like a special friend with no sense of being rushed to get things over. She took her time, and either followed my lead, or took charge herself according to my mood at the moment.

The second meeting was much like the first, except that as we now knew each other a bit, the atmosphere was even more relaxed and friendly. And I believe she enjoyed the take out dinner I got her as well!!


July 30, 2013 – olderguy

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I don’t write many recommendations but…”

…I felt compelled to write this one. I spent some delightful time with Emily J while she visited Kingston.

Ms. Emily had created a lovely mood (flowers, candles and her lovely outfit) that transformed a “Chain Hotel” room into a lovely welcoming environment.

She put me at ease immediately and was very giving and gracious to this old guy. I’m too much of a gentleman to go into any great details of our time together but suffice it to say, everything Emily J advertises on her website and in her ads was delivered to perfection

For me part of my attraction to Emily was the services she specializes in as well as her cute girl-next-door looks, but also her intelligent writing on her blog and her many posts her on CERB. The lady provided me with what I see as an irresistible combination – the 3 B’s (brains, beauty and an amazing BBBJ). Hope this fine young lady makes the Limestone city a regular place to visit.


July 29, 2013 – realnicehat

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the pleasure of meeting Ottawa’s “Cuddly Cock Worshipper” 

…here in Kingston tonight. Emily J is the ultimate girl next door, I just wish she lived in my neighbourhood.

There are pages of recos in the Ottawa section so I will keep this brief. If you were to see Emily for her oral talents alone you would be thrilled, but she has so much more to offer. She is highly skilled, sensual, affectionate, genuine and fun. The Emily you see on Cerb, the Emily from her blog, that is the Emily that you get. No pretence, just straight up girl next door awesomeness.

I would heartily recommend her to anyone who likes to mix their orgasms with some affection and laughter. Or to anyone who just wants to mix their orgasms with other orgasms. Either way, in my opinion, she is well worth a visit.


July 20, 2013 – OralBigGuy

Lyla Member Recommendation

“First off, let me just say that I am a lucky man…”

…because I was recently able to spend time with three of Ottawa’s lovely CERB ladies. The second of those visits was with Sweet Emily J.

I joined CERB in June because I was going to be in Ottawa on business for four days in July. Almost immediately upon joining here, I got an invite to the Oral Lover’s social group which Emily administers. She had seen my handle and correctly assumed that I would want to join that group. After checking out her website and seeing some of her posts, I knew that she was the first booking I wanted to make for my Ottawa trip.

I emailed Emily and got a response within 24 hours. She agreed to my first choice of day and time and I think she was personally responsible for my first masturbatory fantasy after joining CERB.

We exchanged a few emails and PMs, interacted in the forums, and I counted the days until our meeting. Adding fuel to the fire already burning inside me was her recent offer to clients of a complimentary blow job photo with every booked session. Talk about icing on the cake! When the day finally arrived, I journeyed to her easy-to-reach location barely able to think about anything but kissing and touching and everything else that we would do together.

The door opened, we exchanged the first of many kisses, I put down the envelope, and everything went straight to the stars from there! The details are private, but believe me when I say that Emily J is exactly the woman she appears to be in the forums, in her ads, and on her website. She is an unabashed fan and expert of all things oral and greatly enjoys the same from her partner. Trust me, I sampled both extensively and we both reached the pinnacle of pleasure under the touch of the others’ tongue, lips, and mouth.

Lying together afterward with our naked bodies entwined, we talked about many things, even losing track of time a little and running a few minutes over. Apart from all of her many professional talents, Emily is a remarkable and intelligent business woman, conversationalist, and just a wonderfully sweet human being. Better still, she tells it like it is and doesn’t take any bullshit … which in my opinion is exactly how one should be. Despite our age difference, I found us to be kindred spirits in that regard.

If I get the opportunity to return to Ottawa, Emily will absolutely be a repeat booking, as much because I want to continue our conversation as because I want to experience her all over again. Until then, I’m pleased to say that I am one of her recent blow job picture postings on CERB, so anytime I need a reminder about our time together, I know where to look.

Her recos and testimonials in this thread don’t need another one from me, but I had to publicly say thank you and let others know how special a lady Emily truly is. I think I’ve become completely infatuated with her and it’s probably a damn good thing that I don’t live closer to Ottawa. Any hobbyist who wants a total GFE SP experience should most definitely get in touch with her.

Thank you again Emily for a date that I am unlikely to forget.


June 27, 2013 – Hastings56

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Well I finally got some time to spend with Sweet Emily J…”

…and what a delight!……….Afternoon delight to be exact! I was greeted at the door by Emily ( definately a pretty smiling girl next door type) who set me at ease almost imedeately. I’m always a bit nervous/excited when meeting a new Lover but, Emily is terriffic! She knows just what to do! If you are a lover of the GFE like me you will love spending time with Emily J! Kissing ,touching, stroking and exploring each others bodies……OMG!

….Okay, I had to get that out……I’m ok now!

Anyways, Her oral skills are amazing and her pretty pink pussy is so warm and wet and welcoming well………..She must be tasted to be truly appreciated! But, Gently, Delicately and Lovingly and Emily will be pleased and respond in kind……OMG…OMG! …..Whew!!! Well, not to give too much away but, I would just like to add that I found Emily to be friendly, funny, clever and an all around nice person! A real Lady!!

I’ll be back ;-)

June 2, 2013 – Johnny Canuck

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the privilege to meet Emily J…”

…earlier this week and I must say that it was an absolutely amazing experience.

When I arrived Emily greeted me at the door in some really nice lingerie and greeted me with a big hug and sensual kiss. We chatted for a bit before proceeding to the bedroom where we talked for a bit and had some nice kissing. She then asked me if Inwould like to make use of the facilities to freshen up and I happily obliged her as I feel that one can never be too fresh!

When I stepped back into the bedroom we proceeded with some more kissing and she happily started to strip in a teasing matter and gave me a little bit of a lap dance to get me going and did that ever work! She asked me what I was into and told her that I would love to experience her oral specialties, but not before I did a little DATY on her to which she was very very responsive to, and then proceeded for a little DATO which drove her nuts.

Then she decided it was time to return the favour and proceeded to give me one of the best BBBJ’s I have ever had.

I won’t go into more detail then that, but what I can say is that I fully enjoyed my first experience with Emily and plan to repeat as often as possible. She went above and beyond to provide a really amazing atmosphere for me and I thank her for that. She truly is a gem that you don’t find everywhere!


April 11, 2013 – Bobby1975

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I have to heartily agree…”

…with what I’ve read here. Emily is a sweetheart who has mastered the art of the blowjob. She really loves it, and it shows. I can’t say it any more clearly than that. Hers is the definition of what a true BJ is all about. She is also delicious in every way, and I tasted her thoroughly. Will definitely repeat. I feel a possible addiction in the works.


March 27, 2013 – adman

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Without getting into too many details…”

…my best description is that this young lady is the real deal. She is everything advertised, promised and more. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about this lovely young lady who simply makes you feel at ease, and thankful that you made the call to see her.


March 26, 2013 – joenobody

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I met Emily about 2 weeks ago…”

…and got a chance to spend an evening with her. I had a fantastic time chatting with her, getting to know a little about her and taking in her beauty. She’s truly a girl next door, made me feel very comfortable and was very perceptive in figuring out what I liked and going at my speed. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again (hopefully very soon).


March 25, 2013 – sluggo

Lyla Member Recommendation

“What do you get when to take a beautiful woman…”

…with 4 pages of great recommendations, add in an older man who enjoys taking is time and savouring the finer things in life, and mix them together for three hours.

The answer is a glorious first day of spring spent in the company of Emily.

As the past recommendations have said, Emily is cute, beautiful , intelligent, sexy, and has a great sense of humour, all of this on top of her other skills and likes that have been discussed by others before me

Like many of you, I had read her recommendations and blogs entries, but to be with her in person was an event. We had started communicating late last year, but my schedule only allowed us to get together recently and I was not disappointed

I can only echo what has been said about her previously — she is great to be with — it was a wild three hours and I can’t wait to see her again.


March 20, 2013 – Antimatter

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Just saw Emily tonight and boy am I glad I did.”

This was my first time seeing a SP, and it had been a VERY long time since I’d been with anyone. I was, as you might imagine, a nervous wreck, inside anyway. Emily put me at ease and we chatted quite a bit which was great, turns out we have a lot in common which always helps.

As for the dirty details, it’s poor form to kiss and tell (she’s a good kisser! …oh, oops…), but I will say she’s even hotter in person, she smells and tastes great, and her oral skills are extremely awesome. That’s right, extremely awesome

Long story short, I WILL repeat, and I WOULD recommend her to anyone, particularly new hobbyists who are nervous about taking the plunge. Thanks again Emily! <3


March 16, 2013 – shutterclick

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

I had such an unbelievable time with Miss EmilyJ that I felt the only way to thank her properly was to put some thoughts down on her wonderful service. Background I have been hanging around Cerb for the last 6 months very slowly getting to know some of the many wonderful service providers via chat. I always noticed that when EmilyJ was in the chat room the mood lightened and she interacted in such a friendly, sometimes out there fashion. She would flash erotic pics and interact with many of the regulars in a fun lively and often sexual way all within the rules but with great energy. I next got closer to her by joining her newly formed Oral Lovers group and she peaked my curiosity even more.. I checked out her website , professional, fun and straight forward and learned about her passion for blogging all things sexual. From then on I became hooked and waited for every blog she would send. I had to find a way to meet her. Connecting was super easy with Emily accommodating my need for an early appointment. In every chat, blog and or message exchanged she comes across as honest and truly loving what she does. I won’t go into a lot of detail but for our first encounter I opted for her now famous oral skills with me reciprocating so that I could hopefully in some small way return the favor. We even had some time to chat a bit about the business and a wonderful cuddle at the end. In a few words she rocked my world and she is just as genuine , honest and fun as she comes across in chat. Her skills are amazing and I plan to worship again at the temple of EmilyJ. If you have been wondering what it would be like stop and give this fantastic young woman a call. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Shutterclick


February 19, 2013 – lustForLife

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Sexy, fun, funny…”

… & great at putting you at ease! Nice incall location, damn sexy outfits – she is great at going with the flow has off the charts enthusiasm! She seems to love what she does & it shows!


February 4, 2013 – Phaedrus

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had been meaning to see EmJ for quite a while…”

…but for some reason I’d never actually got round to it. Well, that’s my loss… I finally managed to meet her recently and… well… I should have done so a long time ago!

Booking was very easy, and Emily was very accommodating of my desire to see her a bit outside her normal times. Her incall is easy to find, and in no time at all I’d have been knocking on her door if she hadn’t opened it before I had the chance :-)

Emily is every bit as lovely in person as her posts would lead you to believe. There was a little bit of chat, but that was interspersed with kissing and getting nekkid. And then the fun really started… suffice to say that if you read Em’s posts here, you’ll probably have a good idea of where her interests lie. And I think I can safely say she’s a world authority on the subject. The details are left to the reader’s imagination…


February 2, 2013 – igab

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I like to find an SP who really has what it takes…”

…and keep going back on a fairly regular basis. Since the Fall I’ve been back a lot and it just keeps getting better. That is the great advantage when you repeat. The SP starts to really know what buttons to push and when etc.

Just visited her again last week and let me say that Emily is very skilled orally as many have said and that is a consistent thing for her. She loves what she does but in particular she really loves to give and receive orally. This is a skill she has honed to an art form. I think I could see her just for the oral delights alone. She has the tastiest, wettest kitty you’re ever going to enjoy my friends and she enjoys having it given it’s proper attention….mmmmmmmm. All the other positions are great too…oh and pay attention to her nice perky boobies….very much worth some prolonged attention in that department as her pert little nipples get nice and hard!!

Awesome lady…awesome service….thanks EmJ


January 18, 2013 – veryintoit33

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Booking with Emily was easy…”

…called her phone number and arranged a meeting time. Just from the telephone conversation I saw that she was very accomodating and a warm personality. So arrived at her place and was greated by a great smile and those luscious lips that I still think about. I still remember how great her lips felt and how good of a kisser she is. It was the second best thing she can do with her lips 

We moved to a little foreplay between us that we both enjoyed and Emily began paying attention to the master of my domain lol. She is unbelievable at this and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I recommend her to anyone looking for a good time with a warm person..


January 14, 2013 – want_some_fun

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the pleasure…”

…in seeing this real lovely lady again and boy was I glad and boy this young lady knows what she is doing. without getting into much detale I can attest to the compliments. excellent D.A.T.Y very juicy B.B.B.J awsome and her oral was just a perfect 10 and yes a definitely a repeat for me Thanks again Emily


January 10, 2013 – thegolfgod

Lyla Member Recommendation


I saw Emily yesterday and she did not disappoint. This was my first time but she immediatly put me right at ease. Her incall location was nice and comfortable. She is even more beautiful in person. We chatted for a couple of mins and then got down to business and all I can say is wow. Her reviews are bang on the money, She really is a cock sucking goddess. At the end of our session I was totally spent. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Again Emily.


December 9, 2012 – NBAndes

TERB Member Recommendation

“Emily J in Ottawa is a lot of fun.”

Saw her recently at her place in the west end (easy to get to – convenient). Her pics… are accurate – her smile & eyes are just great. Definitely would recommend her. Definitely will see her again when in the area. Acronyms that were enjoyed: GFE; DATY; BBBJ; COB; MPOS; MSOG She’s a very nice person – treat her with respect & you definitely get to have a fun time.


December 6, 2012 – Luckyme

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Ever since I saw her cute sweet face…”

…in her pictures and her hilarious and witty ads, I have had Emily under my radar for quite some time. We had a few PMs exchanged, and yesterday, we finally met up in her nice incall westend location which was very easy to find and with a lot of free parking.

I found that she was indeed a sweet and sensual girl with a pretty cute face like everyone described here. She was very responsive and seemed to have thoroughly and genuinely enjoyed the foreplay. In return, she Knew exactly how to please and satisfy a client orally with a lot of eye contact. When it came to our main event, she made sure that my preferences were met and satisfied. In short, I had a great time with Emily and I will have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone.


November 30, 2012 – PistolPete

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I did get to see the Cock Worshipper at her Temple…”

a week ago. There was much foreplay,there was much oral,there was a lot of moans,and wetness, and yes she did worshipp me,and the ending was spectacular! Emily you’re a gem and a lot of fun, and in a very sexy way too.


November 26, 2012 – antlerman

TERB Member Recommendation

“Everything good said about her is true.”

She is a relaxed lady who loves sex and is fun to be with.


November 2, 2012 – S3000

Lyla Member Recommendation

“After reading all the recommendations for Emily…”

…I booked an appointment very easily and headed over to her incall location. It was an excellent location and when she opened the door it was obvious that everything that has been said about is so very true. She is gorgeous with an amazing ass and made me feel very comfortable right away! The time I spent with her was incredible and I will definitely be back again! Thanks


November 3, 2012 – mahcus00

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I just had my very first visit with Emily…”

…and when I say first I also mean first time ever with an SP. I was extremely nervous going there, but Emily met me at the door with a warm smile and hug. From there on it was nothing but a memorable experience, she took her time to make sure I was comfortable and we even had a great conversation. she is as intelligent as she is sensual. I look forward to the next time I go to see her and highly recommend anyone who is like me and nervous for the first time to see her.

Emily you are simply amazing!


November 1, 2012 – MrPitbull069

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I married a nun, I get nun, lol!”

After two years of sexual neglect on the part of my sexualy dead wife I’ve been thinking about seeing a service provider for the last two years and today I finaly decided to break the ice and take the plunge into the unknown and let me tell you, I’m glad I did. The unknown turned out to be heaven and Emily J was the first angel of lust to introduce me to it. I decided that Emily would be my first and this decision turned out to be an excellent one. Emily was wonderful!!! She made me feel like a man again and for that I am truly greatful. I plan on seeing her again and again and again, lol! If I decide to try another sp Emily will be hard to beat because she set the bar pretty high. If there are any unhappily married men out there who have been thinking about seeing an sp, stop thinking and just do it! You’ll be glad you did. Stop denying yourselves the right to a glorious sex life. I denied myself the right for the last two years and what did it give me,,, two years of nothing, lol!


October 17, 2012 – Plato

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I saw Emily J… I am still reeling from the experience.”

After so many great reviews and so many hilarious posts by her I decided to arrange a visit. Hands down, no contest, the best bbbj I have EVER received. Anyone who enjoys oral should pay her a visit as soon as possible… I patiently await your thank-you gift baskets. I will definitely repeat. Emily’s curves, sense of humour, cute/sexy GND looks and many talents will keep you cuming back for more.


September 27, 2012 – Gntlmn

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Thanks to all the feedback from participants in Ottawa…”

…I decided to give Emily a try for my birthday back in July. I’m pretty certain she was my first agency rep. I’m also very enamoured by this very mature young woman.

I had contacted her by email thru this board initially to let her know that I was coming for my birthday and what I was hoping for. Her responses were good enough that the risk of disappointment seemed very low. So I booked with PK for the afternoon of my birthday.

I show up at the incall location and ask Lisa for room specifics and she wishes me a happy birthday. Nice. I then go up to the room, knock and Emily opens the door looking very lovely (just like her pics) with a very warm smile and a hug. She retreats back a bit, I put my stuff down in the corner, and then she returns with a slice of candle-topped chocolate cake!!??!! Um, WHAT? This is good. Anyway, I do the customary making a wish while blowing out the candle but I didn’t tell her what my wish was. At the end of the session with her I smiled and told her my wish came true because it did!!!

Anyway, I just finished seeing her for the third time. We almost talk too much but I have to emphasize the “almost” because it’s okay. I always feel like I’m a longtime friend and I can actually talk with her about a lot of things, even with the age difference. I have a feeling other guys who have seen her feel the same way, too. We also found out we have some mutual interests and I’m about to send her pertinent links.

Emily J is a service provider that other young SPs can definitely learn from. I think PK and perhaps even other agencies should make her a mentor for new girls. She has even been completely unselfish in recommending some of the other PK girls (since she knows my personality and likes she’s able to predict who else I might like).

This woman is superb.

I am VERY, VERY happy to have found her.


September 20, 2012 – larrypilot

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the good fortune to see Emily J for the second time…”

… in a week this afternoon at her Kanata hotel. Emily has excellent communication skills as she kept in touch with me all week through CERB chat and private messages to help organize and encourage in a flirtful way this event. As usual she met me promptly at her door with a newly purchased negligee and immediately embraced me and started some DFK which lasted 5 minutes. I finally was able to start to disrobe her from her sexy outfit after she grinded out a sexy lap dance. I had booked an hour this time so I could have more time to explore and caress her lucisous body. My first stop was to sample her succulent perky breasts and she urged me on with her moans.It was now my turn to receive and Emily went for my manhood and spent the next 10 minutes executing her excellent oral skills while maintaining eye contact. Before I was ready to explode, I requested a dining trip to her feminity which she happily obliged. I spent a good 5 minutes dining on the most delicious feminity I have ever tasted, again encouraged by her moans of delight. We exchanged oral sampling a few times during our session. When it was time for the main event I opted for Emily to climb on top of me and ride cowgirl which she gracefully accepted and rode my stallion to an exillarting finish.

Although I didnt quite last the full hour , we spent the last 10 minutes lying side by side in bed engaging in quiet relaxing conversation to end our date. During our session , Emily is never rushed and is completely devoted to her client. She will fulfiil all your fantasies and make sure you are comfortable. Although she is new at escorting, she seems to have decades of experience. Because of this extreme GFE , one leaves her room in complete bliss, rejuvinated, and realizing it was money well spent. I will be back soon Emily. Thanks for the most enjoyable and erotic hour ever!.


September 13, 2012 – Sledder

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I can echo what’s been said here.”

Smart, pretty, mature. She has a great attitude, you just can’t be shy around her. And yes, the oral is amazing, both giving & receiving.


September 9, 2012 – Icebreaker

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Emily J…”

…the other evening at her west end location and I can definitely see what all the great reviews are about

By nature I tend to be a bit shy and nervous when meeting a lady for the first time so seeing the humour in her posts was evident when actually meeting in person was appreciated and helped put me at ease.

Emily was very approachable and easy to communicate with in a fun way (great kisser by the way).

Without getting into too much detail, I can attest to the compliments on her oral skills which were wonderful. When it came time for me to return the favour Emily was very responsive in a very genuine way (the quote of “it is better to give than to recieve” may well become my motto

Everything was great and I had a fantastic time and would definitely recommend Emily as the hour flew by before I knew it. Looking forward to visiting again.


August 29, 2012 – emiafish

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the pleasure a spending a hour with Emily last week”

She is sensual, tasty and erotic to the extreme. She is like the original Working Girl (Melanie Griffiths) in that she has a brain for the business and a body built for sin. I look forward to repeating often.


August 29, 2013 – herard46

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I still was nervous and Emily took care of me”
…in the most warm and sensual way to a point that 10 seconds into a welcoming joint shower, I was completely relaxed and went on to the same experience mentioned above. I also had a second visit that was also exceptional although with the difference of a closeness that comes with familiarity were everything slowed down to a very relaxing and pleasurable time. I hope to have many more visits with Emily in the future.

August 16, 2012 – peachka

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

I also saw Emily recently! The above recommendation posts from members are accurate. Emily’s services were great and she is cool to hang out with too! I would repeat.


August 6, 2012 – Glavaman

TERB Member Recommendation

“I concur with the reviews…”

…regarding Emily as I saw her recently! Oral skills are top notch with lots of spit. Emily has a very tasty kitty that was fresh as can be! She is focused on you ensuring you are happy. I would repeat!


July 25, 2012 – Ryan1967

TERB & Lyla Member Recommendation

“…a real sweetheart; she really exudes warmth and passion…”

I finally had the chance to visit Emily from PK last week, I am certainly glad I did! She really is a warm, sensual and engaging woman and I spent a delightful hour with her on a break from work. I know there has been a lot of discussion on this board about Emily, so I will not go into the details of our encounter, or which services she provides, as it is all very documented here in this thread.

Much like Cowboy Kenny, I got to know Emily here on this board, exchanging a couple of PM’s and swapping information. Also like CK, I was a PK virgin, in fact, I was an agency virgin…I would only ever see independents. I like the idea of getting to know someone by reading their website, or getting involved in dialog over email, which does not usually happen with agency girls. Emily was the exception since she has participated in threads here and we have struck up dialog over PM.

Emily is a real sweetheart; she really exudes warmth and passion, and at the same time is witty and playful. It was literally effortless to spend time with her; she is engaging, easy to connect with and extremely accommodating. What makes Emily stand out is how much she is both focused on pleasing and how much she gets into things, I truly felt that she enjoyed herself as much as I did – which very rarely happens with a provider of any form. She is a GFE in the truest sense of the word…the experience was like spending an hour with a girlfriend…one that was totally into me!

She is not a clock watcher by any stretch, I arrived a few minutes early and left a few minutes late and she made me feel so welcome the entire time I was with her. Earlier in a thread I remember Emily referring to her clients as her guests, which is exactly how I felt, and she treats her guests like Kings!

I met Emily in a downtown hotel where she was staying; booking was a breeze with PK. 

Would I repeat – with no hesitation! Her attitude is one of the best I have come across.

July 18, 2012 – curiousm7

Lyla Member Recommendation

“Emily J”

Well, I finally bit the bullet and saw Emily again today and I am glad I did.

Do you know the feeling when you get home from work, open the door and your brand new girlfriend is standing there? Big smile, hug, maybe a kiss? You spend the evening talking about life, each other’s day, just enjoying each other’s company? Then, you go to bed and your new mate makes you feel like the sexiest man in the world…she caresses you, kisses you and touches you in a way that makes all problems go away. Then, suddenly, she is your personal porn star with your satisfaction and happiness her main goal
This is why I see Emily because, this is what a session is like with her.

What an experience today. She has one of the wettest, juiciest and tastiest kitties I have had the pleasure of experiencing in a very long time.

Her oral skills will keep me coming back for more and more. Her sensuality is intoxicating and just the way she holds you close, tilts her head sideways and softly locks your lips with hers…just thinking about this makes me melt and wish she was standing in front of me right now.

Thank you again Emily…until next time, I will remember every moment of this afternoon and anxiously await even further exploration of each other very soon. She is a true girlfriend, even if just for a short time.


July 10, 2012 – Cowboy Kenny

TERB & Lyla Member Recommendation & Ottawa Escort Blogger

“This girl is cute as a button…”

…very much GND, when I arrived at her location I was greeted at the door by sweet smelling short blondie in a cute babydoll negleger. We chatted for a bit and then got down to the good stuff. As others have said she is a great kisser very soft lips and playful tongue. Kissing led to petting, petting led further exploration and satisfaction, including some playful spanking Her perky B cups were tasty responsive and a wonderful tasty treat. She’s not a spinner, she’s not a bbw, she’s curvy and her photos accurately depict her body type.

We contorted ourselves in various combinations on the large comfy king size bed! This woman is a master at the art of teasing she knows just how to please and tease, she understands that it’s all in the timing!

Eventually she found her way to my throbbing buckaroo, were she again demonstrated her amazing skills at teasing and pleasing, to say that she is fucking excellent at deep throating would be an understatement! Clearly she loves oral and is very very very very good at it. The eye contact, the gentle caresses, ball tickling and the no hands approach all combined to a mindblowing fantastic blow job! Along the way I had the chance to dine on her warm moist and oh so tasty kitty.

She was eager to encourage further oral and digital exploration to which she was very responsive when I came up for air my face was covered in her girly goo She returned her attention to my cock, encasing it with her warm mouth and swirling tongue, taking it all in eagerly. Apparently she had her tonsils removed, well I couldn’t feel them….

Eventually I could take it no longer this session of oral delight ended in her mouth(YMMV) with the finish of all finishes, clearly this gal loves what she does and I’m ok with that! Oral fans will love this girl and if you’re not an oral fan you should give her a visit, you might just become one! All in all a great way to spend the night. She’s smart, witty and charming, she’s very sexual and comfortable with who she is and what she does. From the moment you enter the room her focus is on you and only you.

She’s a true pro and while she’s only been at this a short period of time, she could teach a few of the new gals out there a thing or two about customer service and professionalism, she has a terrific attitude and great oral skills.


July 3, 2012 – curiousm7

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I am new to this game…”

I have been a member of cerb for just a couple months and actually hobbying for only 1 month now. I did not know where to start. I had been looking at many different websites and directories, read many reviews and only found myself getting more and more confused.

I had finally gathered up the courage to have my first experience and booked an indie through a directory I found online. I showed up and sent a text, as requested. After 15 minutes and 3 texts, still no response. My first thought was…maybe I shouldn’t be doing this but, alas, now that I had the courage, it was either jump in or get out so, I called Pink Kitty. I told the lady who answered the phone that this was my first time, that I was very nervous and needed someone who would put me at ease. I requested a lady who would understand my nervousness and, using passion and sensuality, help me explore this new world. Without hesitation, she recommended Emily, a new girl and she assured me that she would be as soft and sensual as I needed or as rough and wild as necessary.

When I met Emily at the door I thought to myself “she seems so innocent, will she really be into this?” Well, let me tell you, this lady was everything I needed and more.

Emily sensed my nervousness so she sat and talked to me for about 15 minutes, caressing my arms, hands, neck etc…and stopping once in a while for a very soft and sensual kiss (cheek, lips, neck, shoulder)…she was a sensual goddess! Once I had the courage, we removed our clothes…Emily disrobing very slowly, allowing me to gently explore every part of her body as it was exposed.

The next half hour was filled with gentle stroking, kissing, touching…and, well…an amazing hint of PSE. I am not going to go into the dirty details but, I will tell you, those were the sexiest eyes I have ever had look up at me and, the more I enjoyed myself, the more her eyes twinkled and smiled. This classy and beautiful woman truly seems to enjoy her work and the more I enjoyed myself, it seemed the more she enjoyed herself…and her taste? oh boy, there is no sweeter place on this earth!! Emily, thank you!!

June 25, 2012 – HotChilly

TERB Member Recommendation

“Emily J”
A few days ago I arranged to see PK’s Emily. I am sure glad I did. Upon opening the door and stepping inside PK’s studio, my immediate reaction was “how exceptionally cute!!”. Yes, Emily is unbelievably cute, warm, attentive, bubbly and does her best to make her customer happy. No doubt about it. She has a nice smiling face, soft eyes, and an approach that makes you just want to be with her. Emily is not a spinner. She is a tiny bit chubby and I am OK with that, to me it suits her warm personality. Personality for me tops slim any day of the week.

I started with a shower and then we sat on the bed and chatted for a good while. I then asked for a massage, usually a good icebreaker. Emily’s massage was quite nice, but not her best skill. It was however certainly good enough to get me relaxed and ready for more. Eventually my hands started roaming and they went their own way; under the spell of a good SP like Emily, they seem to do the right thing and Emily sure knew how to respond. Unlike most SPs, Emily did not have a fixed pattern of progressive steps. Rather, she and I were able to go with the flow and things sure seemed to progress naturally. It was great.

You will excuse me for not getting into the full details here. I prefer in this instance to be a bit circumspect, but I will say the following things: Emily is an amazing kisser, possibly the best I have had at an SP. She is amazing and does not hold back. Also, her bj is exceptional and we spent a huge amount of time with that. For that alone I would visit again. Also, her kitty is nice, clean, full, and she responded well to my advances there, but also cautiously at first. Great breasts too. It would say that we hit it off quickly and that may be why things went so well, so keep in mind, YMMV with respect to the alphabet. Two other great things: First, when the main event was over, unlike many SPs, Emily did not stop the action right away. Rather, she kept going for some time and then made sure she stayed close to me for a bit too. It was actually me who initiated getting up, not Emily. Now, when has that happened before at an SP? I can not recall when that happened last. Second, Emily is not a clock watcher. I am pretty sure we went over our time a bit.

In summary, I had a great time, possibly my best ever PK experience.

June 20, 2012 – The General

Lyla Member Recommendation

“I had the chance to meet up with Emily last evening…”

She is a true sweetheart and was a truly wonderful experience.

We started with some very romantic DFK, and this is what I really enjoy, and she was very passionate in giving. I then began to explore her body, from top to bottom, okay I didn’t quite get to the bottom, as I had to stop along the way. And boy what a stop, I enjoyed every bit of licking her pussy and by her response, she was very happy to receive. I was able to enjoy a bit of that lovely round derriere as well, which I love. 

Now it was my turn, and Emily provide an excellent BBBJ, very wet and sloppy, mmm just perfect. She was pushing my buttons just right. But it was now time for the main show, and we started with a little cowgirl, and then moved onto doggy. And, loved the sight of the backside…. It didn’t take long for me to be spent, and Emily seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as me.

I would describe her body as a bit curvy, being a variety guy, I like this body type very much, but then I again, I have broad tastes. She has a very innocent face, very youthful, but don’t kid yourself, she is mature beyond her years. She is very intelligent and can carry a great conversation.

I certainly was happy to have seen her, I think you would too.

Ottawa Escorts Sweet Emily J

Thank you, friends! I like you guys too! :-)

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