Fuck You 2020, Get Fucked.

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory. It’s December 31, 2020. Let’s say goodbye to 2020 forever.

I stumbled across this CBC piece above and it is fucking unbelievable. Holy shit. I invite you to take one last look back at 2020 with me, and to really absorb all the insanity that occurred before we move on. “Unprecedented” is probably the word of the year. Fuck.

After you’ve taken all that in, take a few minutes to compose yourself and come back to the present day. Breathe. Deeply.

Now it’s time for 2020 to get fucked. It’s time for 2020 to get murdered in an explosive fire. Please enjoy this John Oliver clip below with me to say farewell and fuck off forever to 2020.

“Just because you’re down doesn’t mean you can’t go up.” – Some random, but wise kid in a CBC clip.

Happy New Year everyone! ❤️