Gimme the Facts!


If you’re like me, you believe that what goes on between two consenting adults behind closed doors is nobody’s business but their own, especially not the state. You think sex work should be a legal profession, with adults allowed rights over their own bodies, and free to sell their services and time however they wish. They should have a right to safety and protected by the same laws as other Canadians.

The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to argue our point, and keep our numbers and facts straight. Nordic approach, New Zealand, what’s the difference, and what does it all mean? And how best can we argue for sex workers human rights? Does decriminalization really make it safer for workers? And how? Does the “Nordic approach” actually lessen demand for sexual services? If not, what are the real outcomes of it? Will there be a huge brothel with a flashing neon light on the corner in my neighbourhood? What about the victims? What about real exploiters? There is so much conflicting info coming from every which way. But help is here.

Finally, sex workers, human rights organizations, lawyers, academics, researchers, and other groups have come together to form a common message. The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform has been formed. From their Facebook page:

“The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law reform is an alliance between Canadian sex worker and allied groups, organizations and individuals. We have joined forces across the country to ensure that sex workers’ voices are central to discussions around law reform. Our mandate is to: fight against criminalization regimes and instead promote full decriminalization — a made-in-Canada-New Zealand model.”  -Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

The best part is that they have put together a bunch of short and super easy to understand info sheets with all of the most important messages. They’ve made it easy for us all to learn the facts of what’s happened with the Bedford decision, what the various options and threats are, and what the sex work rights movement believes is the right direction we need to go. Now we can be truly confident in our strong unified message!


Enjoy, learn, tweet, tell your friends, and share these info sheets freely and widely!


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