Here Kitty Kitty!


When I was a teenager, I had been with a few different women on a few different occasions. Mostly joining-in out of curiosity, and, of course, to show off for the boys. ;-) I was really too young to appreciate it and didn’t even really start having orgasms with other people until I was into my early 20’s anyways. So mostly back then, being with women was just a novelty.

Over the years, I grew to appreciate men more and more and somewhat forgot (or let go of) my affinity for women! The interest just wasn’t there. That said, I have always loved solo and all female pornography more than couples porn. Usually when I masturbate, it is to women… either females alone pleasuring themselves, or women with other women. There is just something so incredibly hot about naked women enjoying pleasure, and watching a female (and myself) achieve orgasm after orgasm. I especially┬álove the porn videos with a little squirt or where you can actually see the pussy contracting and cumming. Simply fantastic! Yum! :-)

While I have always been very sexual and open minded (to the point of shameless promiscuity)… Since I have started escorting, I have been exposed to and more interested in different aspects of my sexuality. And being with a woman again is certainly one of them I have been thinking a lot about. Mostly, it has just been thoughts, but there are a few fellow escorts who are have been very intriguing to me. Mostly, in general, I am interested in real people who are in touch with their sexuality, and just really enjoy sex, and all the lovely things that go along with it.

So one horny Sunday, I decided to make my naughty thoughts become reality again! I had been admiring the gorgeous Cleo Catra for a while… I love the way she comes across… as genuine and fun. Her posts are awesome and of course, she is just such a sexy lady too. Everyone has their tastes, but I like someone who doesn’t just try to look like everyone else. She seemed real and down to earth, and I also really appreciate that in people. So without hesitation, I PM’d her online, and explained my situation, and how I would like to come see her, and out of respect, since we had never met, I would pay her regular rates for her time, like a regular encounter. My heart was a flutter as I sent the PM. I really had no idea what kind of response I was going to get. I didn’t know if this was a weird thing to do, or what, but I was going for it anyways. Less than an hour later, I got a response and to my absolute delight she was incredibly flattered and says: “Hell yeah! I’m down” hahaha!! Needless to say, I was super stoked! So I didn’t want to waste any time… I was soo horny and wanted to meet her so bad… All I could think about was touching and licking and gently kissing her all over. I texted her and it was super easy to set up an appointment for a couple days later.

All that I can think of for the next two days are the naughty things that I wanted to do to her… Licking her all over, spreading her juicy sweet pussy lips… And hopefully being able to give her pleasure too. Literally, my pussy was wet for two straight days thinking about this.

So the day gets here, and I am so excited as I head over to her place. As a SP myself, I often have clients who tell me they are nervous and while I can understand their feelings, now I actually really do know how they feel! It was rather interesting being on the other side of the equation and very good to feel what it’s like to be in a client’s shoes.

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised… She was soo adorably cute, but also beautiful and very sexy! We went into the bedroom and sat down and chatted for a bit… but it didn’t take us long to migrate over to the bed.

Like I said, I had been aroused for two days straight, but the anticipation had especially been building since I had arrived, and seeing how sexy she was. I just couldn’t wait to kiss her lovely lips. And that is how we started… and OMG it was soo fucking hot! I can’t even describe how I felt. It was exactly how I had imagined. I was in heaven… Soo sensual, warm, soft and gentle we were together. I kissed her and ran my hands through her silky raven hair. Then fondling her beautiful breasts and licking and sucking her beautiful nipples. I wanted to please her soo bad. She layed down and I kissed her more, and straddled her, rubbing my pussy up against her. I explored and teased and moved downwards to her special and sweet lovely little love hole. I played and teased and she seemed to enjoy She was soo beautifully pink and moist. I licked and sucked and played with her as long as I could. I can’t even put into words how turned on I was, having my soft and moist tongue on her. My pussy was just quivering in anticipation… My panties were soaking wet. When I went back up to kiss her again, she reached down to touch me and could feel how much she had turned me on… “You’re soooo wet” she says… “mmmm-hmmm” I reply with a sexy smile.

We switched and she had her way with me… I was in heaven. I am a serious daty lover… and this was just an amazing treat to see such a beautiful women down there with her tongue waggling all over my warm juicy pussy, then all over my hard little love button, and sliding a finger inside. She played and played, and I had to try so hard not to cum in like 30 seconds. Eventually, it was impossible to hold back, and I pinched my nipples hard as I drew near… and let me tell you, it felt like an eternity worth of anticipation building up to an explosive pulsating orgasm. I cried out as I came for her… oh… so… intense. Hot.

We collapsed together on the bed, with girly giggles and soft caresses, as we chatted and laughed together. She is very playful and on several occasions throughout or time together I saw the most wonderful devilish look in her eyes, and it is burned into my brain.

I am sooo happy that I went after my fantasy and made it happen. It was just an amazing experience… and she says next time she is going to introduce me to her strap on!!! I don’t know how it get any hotter, but I have a feeling that it just might happen…

As someone said to me recently, I may have “Awakened the Beast”! …and I am totally okay with that. While I love cock – I can also say I enjoy pussy too! ;-) Meow!

For the record… Just writing this has created some very wet panties for me, yet again. ;-)


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