Hey fuckers :)

I’m back! 😁 Kind of. Part time for now, and I’m slowly easing into it as I keep a close eye on the public health situation. I’m triple vaxxed, and will only be meeting with clients who are also triple vaxxed. Also, I’m a redhead now! I’ll be working on updating my site over the next week or two, including lots of new pictures and perhaps a couple more videos as well. For now, be sure to find me on Twitter for all the latest and all my hot new goodies!

I am excited to tell you that you, as a loyal visitor to my website, are the first to know that I will soon be selling some adult content that I have been busy creating and having fun with. I’m still sorting it all out, but I will have a variety of regular pre-made content for sale, plus I will also offer custom content by request. There might even be some very kinky fetish videos on tap… we’ll seeeeee! I will have an official announcement about it very soon!

Lastly, I have two years worth of emails to go back and comb through to see what and who I’ve missed. And it looks like a lot, so thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. ❤️