Lick It Like An Ice Cream Cone


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I came across a deliciously inspiring article today about eating pussy called A Gentleman’s Guide to Cunnilingus. There are many of these technique and how-to guides out there, but this is definitely one of my faves. Just like blow jobs, eating pussy is also a delicate art. The pussy should be worshipped. The whole piece is certainly worth reading, but here is a selection of a few highlights… along with some juicy photos!


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Excerpts from A Gentlemen’s Guide to Cunnilingus

By Zaron Burnett III

“This informal guide is to help any dude surprise the next woman he gets naked with, by not just going down on her and clumsily trying to eat her out, but instead, he’ll know how to nibble on her peach with his lips, his tongue, his whole face like it was the ripest peach he’d ever been lucky enough to enjoy. That’s what we’re going for here.

A guy likes to be good at whatever he does. And since each woman’s sexuality is a mystery, we’re gonna consider lots of different tools you can use to help solve each mystery you meet. But I warn you, there is no mastery of a vagina. You can master Tetris but you can’t master something that changes like the weather. All you get to do is enjoy teasing and pleasing them. And that’s the first step. Become a fan of vaginas.


“Time for some unspoken truth. Most guys secretly believe great sex means their dick is the prime focus, the star of the picture. And like a priapic porn star, we think it’s some awesome fucking when we’re pumping away like a well-lubed Saudi oil well. Throw out that porno thinking.

The point is you don’t wanna fuck like a self-obsessed porn star. Expand the focus of your sexuality from your love stick to your whole body and her whole body.” 


“They call it muff-diving because you should be enthusiastic. Dive in face-first with gusto. Let her feel your desire to pull her body up against your face, to inhale her, to divide her with your tongue and taste her. Let her feel how long you’ve waited to be between her legs, how you’ve lusted to slide face-first into her.”

“Very important – don’t rush to the vagina. Enjoy the curves of her body. All the way down. Possibly go kissing past her pussy on your way to her calves and ankles. Then slowly make your way back up to her waiting pearly gates. Tease her with expectation the whole time. Run your lips like feathers over her skin, massage her body, hands don’t need to be anywhere near her vagina to be totally involved. Remember that. Before you get to her vagina, play small games of anticipation. Let her desperately want what she can’t have until finally you give her what she wants and you press your lips against hers. The satisfaction will be far more immense.

Approach with your whole face. Graze her vagina as you nuzzle her clitoris with the bridge of your nose.”



 “A woman once told me cunnilingus is just lke you’re eating ice cream. You want to apply a good amount of pressure with your tongue but not so much you knock the scoop off the cone. You wanna lick her firmly with your tongue so you can get a good taste and savor her flavor. Sometimes you kinda wanna kiss and squeeze the ice cream with your lips. And you definitely wanna suck and use your tongue in just about every direction and approach it from all sorts of angles.”


“Here are 5 general guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Softer than you think, slower is better, and use lots of variety.
  • Before, during and after everything, always make sure she’s comfortable.
  • Use everything, you hands, your tongue, your nose, your cheeks, everything.
  • It’s oral sex but involve her whole body, breasts, thighs, hips, back and butt.
  • Enjoy yourself and make sure she feels as lucky and as good as you do.”

“A man always feels more confident when he knows what he’s doing. With practice he can become an artisan, an expert, able to do wonderful things. When you get better at giving a woman pleasure your whole life will change. I know, that sounds like bullshit. It kinda is. But it’s also totally true. Whenever you improve at something you gain confidence in other aspects of your life. Some things give a little more kick in your step than others. If you know that last night you curled a woman’s toes and turned her into a moaning, writhing orgasm machine, using just your tongue, trust, the next morning you’ll walk a little taller. Learn to please women’s vaginas and your future self will thank you. It used to be you were less of a man if you ate pussy. Now, you’re way more of a man if you give good cunnilingus. So be a gentleman and really learn to please your lady.”


Read the full article here. And I recommend you do. :) Even if you are a pro, it will reaffirm your confidence in your expertise.


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