Mister Fahrenheit

Hello! I’ve been on a bit of a journey of discovery into Queen and Freddie Mercury for the past few months. I’ve been sharing some of the highlights online in a Twitter thread. It started in a frivolous manner with me basically just getting wet for Freddie Mercury’s absolute fucking rock star Godliness in some YouTube music videos, but has turned into a burgeoning love affair, a deep dive into the discography and an immense appreciation for all the multifaceted magic that is Queen. It has also provided an escape – initially from the winter blahs, and most recently from the pandemic. And an escape was all that Freddie ever wanted his music to be. There’s lots of music, pictures of both Queen and myself, a mix of lighthearted and more thoughtful reflections, plus more. And it shall continue! I hope you enjoy! 👑❤️👑

Much to my chagrin, my Twitter account has been marked as containing “potentially sensitive material” 🤣, so if you are not logged in with an account, you’ll have to click “view” to see all the videos and pictures. Click to see more: