My First Erotic Massage



I often go to RMT’s for massages, for relaxation purposes, and while they are always great, I sometimes feel there is something missing. They don’t really massage the “whole” body, and are afraid to go near some spots, like bum, inner thighs or chest. So when I found out about a formally trained male MA offering erotic massage for women, I quickly jumped at the opportunity!

His name is Mike, and I have him over on a regular basis. He is a great guy! Very friendly, easy to talk to and a good looking guy – No question! :-) Usually I just get a full body massage and that is enough to satisfy me… But our last session went to the next level and was quite steamy! I would like to tell you the sweet and naughty story…

It was a few weeks ago, after my sexy Cleo Catra adventure… which was keeping my mind filled with naughty thoughts. I will tell you, I am always horny, but there are just some weeks when I just feel like I need to fuck and suck everything on the planet and my kitty is just moist and twitchy and aching to be played with all day long. That was one of those weeks. So it’s Friday night, and I am just hanging out at home, taking it easy, touching myself now and then, playing with my nipples (as usual ;-) ) …and chatting up my awesome CERB friends in the chatroom and one lovely lady in particular, who shall remain nameless. She was saying a few things that were turning me on very much… talking about toys and squirting and other wonderful naughty things. I went on cam and was flashing my tits, and this was turning me on also. I just felt like a caged creature, and my animalistic instincts were taking over my body. And then he arrived… my savior ‘Il Re’ entered the chat room. It didn’t take long for sexy ideas to fill my slutty head, and I asked him if he was available for a massage (and then some… as my body was crying out to be touched). Being as amazing as he is, with no issues what so ever, he accommodated my last minute request and headed over right away! Yay!! My sweet love hole began uncontrollably twitching in anticipation!

I asked him for a 90 minute session and with no hesitation, he complied and arrived at my home quite promptly. I usually use his services on Sunday afternoons during daylight, so automatically this time was different, because it was dark and late, spontaneous and just felt a bit naughty. He set up his table, I got buck naked and he began working on my body. I had a few knots in my shoulders which he worked his strong hands on, and it just felt amazing. At my request, he spent extra time on my back before moving to my arms and then legs. Gently massaging my big juicy bum, it didn’t take long for the girl goo to begin accumulating again on my special spot. I had just wiped it away too before he arrived so that it wouldn’t be dripping down my leg… but now I was at his mercy and there was just no avoiding what would be. He worked my legs more, and then it was time for me to flip. There is always an automatic tingle when I flip, as now I am completely exposed, for him to see, head to toe.

Starting now at the top, he gently massaged the top of my chest, and worked all around my breasts, avoiding the nipples with every stroke. OMG – What a fucking tease! I was dyyying for him to touch my nipples… but it seemed like forever, as he continued to avoid them… I knew he would get there eventually, but I could not take it any longer and needed him to touch my nipples, so I gave him a bit of a verbal cue… “Don’t be shy with the nipples eh…” and a smile. He still took a minute or so, torturing me, but eventually ran his hands over them and I almost felt like I would cum instantly right there. But I had to hang on, because I knew there was only more pleasure to come. He continued massaging my tits, slowly moving down to my tummy and pelvis and past my desperately waiting pussy to my thighs and calves. One at a time, he slowly and ever so gently bent my legs to the side to massage my inner thighs… which in turn, also exposed my very moist thick pussy lips. Oh my goodness, I was in a horny daze… The next thing I can remember was his warm tongue and mouth on my erect nipples and then moving down slowly to my pussy, as he started to suck my clit ever so intensely like a starved fucking animal. WOW! Oh my, I almost came right there. I had to tell him so slow down cause I didn’t want to cum just yet. He complied again and slowed down his maniac tongue to a gentle lick… up and down my slit and all around my dripping hole. Taking my meaty pussy lips into his mouth, and then all around and on my engorged clit. Between the massage oil and my soaked fuck hole, it was a slippery mess of awesomeness. He slid two fingers inside, and finger fucked my tight slutty little hole, just like the little slut that I am deserves… I almost came right away again. It took all my of strength to hang on for a few more moments, as I twisted and pinched my nipples and came closer to impending orgasm. There was no turning back now as the waves began and my pussy clamped down over and over again onto his slippery fingers, and my big hard clit wiggled all over his tongue. My pussy felt like it exploded into a million pieces as my body convulsed in the waves of sheer pleasure. I let it take over my body for a moment, crying out in ecstasy. Eventually, it slowed down and I came back to reality.

Something got into me though… and I have been curious about what he has been hiding under his pants for a while now. He posted recently about a fantasy he has about being watched while stroking himself (at least that’s how I understood it)… so I thought I may indulge him, as best I could. I asked him if he had a hard on for me (Obviously knowing the answer… LOL… he is a red blooded man) …and told him I wanted him to take it out and show it to me, and then cum all over my oily naked exposed body. He didn’t hesitate, and pulled out his throbbing deliciously shaved rock hard cock for me and began jerking off above me as I was still laying down face up on the massage table. He slid his other hand down to my sensitive cum-soaked pussy again and began to finger fuck my love hole. I watched closely as he stroked his hard cock and quickly brought me to a second explosive orgasm. I could tell now that he was getting near. Shortly after, his face cringed up, and he was about to cum… I delightfully watched as he released for me a big hot white messy load of man-goo all over my tits and tummy. Oh my goodness! So HOT! Being the bad and naughty girl that I am, I played with his cum a bit, and rubbed it around, and of course, taking a taste onto my tongue… and mmm it was ever so tasty… a perfect mix between sweet and salty!!

So needless to say, that night could not have turned out better for me… As I would have probably crumpled into a ball and died, had I not gotten off, and at the strong hands of a man, to boot. I now understand the draw of erotic massage when done right. All the touching and teasing… the build up of energy… so eXXXplosive!! Yum! Multiple orgasmic repeats can be expected ;-)