My Halloween Tradition

Some people are crazy about Halloween and go all out planning their costumes and festivities for weeks, or even months! I’m not one of those people. I haven’t dressed up in over 15 years and don’t hand out candy. But I did start a Halloween tradition for myself a few years ago when this clip came out in 2016. It’s sharing this SNL sketch to everyone I know and watching it over and over.

I find this sketch so damn funny. 😂 It’s just so completely random! The tune is pretty catchy and the payoff at the end is so worth the total silliness of it all. And you have to respect how Tom Hanks really commits to his character.

I think about this sketch on a regular basis, probably once a week throughout the rest of the year. 😂

I hope it gives you a laugh too, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃