My Penis and I and Everyone Else’s


I just finished watching two documentaries by a man with a small penis on a mission to find out why it is such an issue for him, and others too.

His name is Lawrence Barraclough and he has a 3.5 inch penis when erect. It has been an issue for him since he was circumcised later in his childhood at age ten because of a medical issue. He then became more aware of his penis. The problem only became worse through his teen years and into adulthood. He was even afraid to have sex for the first time because he thought the woman would laugh at him. :-( In my non-medical, humble opinion, I believe that his attitude towards his penis has a lot to do with the fact that he never learned to regularly masturbate. I will always promote masturbation as the most positive tool for gaining self awareness and a tremendously important way to¬†understand your body. We need to be able to understand our own bodies, before other people can bring us pleasure. Our pleasure is not based in other people’s skill or lack thereof, but it’s based in our own understanding of our bodies.

He made two documentaries on a journey of self discovery to learn more about the notorious issue of penis size. They are simple, truthful and honest portrayals of an issue that many men have faced at one point or another. I am always advocating that knowing that one is not alone in how they feel can be very healing.

The first doc focuses on himself and his own issues.

My Penis And I

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The second documentary is about other men and their issues and how it affects their lives, as he sets out to get men talking about their penises.

My Penis and Everyone Else’s

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