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Finding Truth Among all the Lies

Being on the inside of such a misunderstood industry has made me view a whole lot of things very differently. Most mainstream news articles about prostitution are bullshit. Exaggerations, improperly used stats, sensationalism, misquotes, biased reporters, partisan “experts”, and then of course, just outright lies.

Most of the mainstream articles you read will have you believe that I am somehow doing this against my will, I have PTSD, stockholm syndrome, am addicted to drugs, and that there is a violent pimp coercing me to have unprotected sex with 60 men every single day of my life and keeping all the profits. They will make you think that you are the scum of the earth for spending time with me. Even people actually involved in the industry, both clients and workers, are unfortunate victims of all the bullshit lies. blah blah sex slavery blah blah human trafficking blah pimps blah blah drugs blah blah blah motherfucking blah!!! It can be truly tiring. Of course some of these things do exist. They exist like domestic violence exists in marriage. Think about it.

If you’d really like to learn more about the realities of this industry here is a couple of highly recommended websites ¬†for you to gain some real knowledge:

Laura Agustin – The Naked Anthropologist

Maggie McNeill – The Honest Courtesan