Reflections After One Year



I recently celebrated the one year mark since I started working as a companion in the adult business. It has been an amazing year. I feel so good; mentally, emotionally, and physically. I have been reflecting on the last year, and I wanted to share a few thoughts about the journey so far, where I am now, and what’s to come.

I was trucking along normally with my life, and everything was fine. I was content with my independent life, my apartment and car,  all of which were satisfactory. I was working full time in a career that I enjoyed, but I was seriously craving a change. I felt like I was living a bit of a mediocre life. The same thing everyday; working for the man, waiting for my paycheque, paying the bills, rinse and repeat.

Then the day came when I decided to give this a shot, and I am so happy that I did! I went in thinking that I would just try it for one day, and see how it went. If it wasn’t for me, then at least I knew. But after my first day, I knew I had found something that was perfect for me. Eventually going to my other job was tedious and became incredibly unsatisfying compared to escorting. I left my career and jumped into this head first. I have always maintained that if I ever get tired of doing this and am somewhere where I don’t want to be, I will leave tomorrow and so something else. But for now, I love where I am and what I am doing.

My time here has been nothing like I expected and so much better in so many ways! I have learned so much about myself, and so much about other people too. I feel so strong. It has been an utterly invigorating, eye-opening and thrilling experience.  Being intimate with a variety of people who I may have never encountered otherwise is a true gift. It has allowed me to peer into different worlds, and have perspectives that I never knew existed before. I have the opportunity to learn about people in such a personal way, and I am so grateful for this.

I always knew that I couldn’t work for someone else forever, and that someday I would be my own boss. It is truly fulfilling to be completely responsible for myself, and totally in control of my livelihood. Things in the past few months have really come together too, and I actually really feel like I have a real business here. Much of it has been a wonderful learning experience.

Financially, things are finally stable. I am not an overly materialistic person but I feel a true sense of comfort now, not having to stress about rent and bills constantly. Not having to live paycheque-to-paycheque is such a relief! I even have money now to put aside into savings, and I just opened a retirement savings account! I bet most people don’t think that is something that your average everyday hooker is concerning herself with!

The freedom is the most important change I have experienced. I am a slave to no one, and I am in full control of everything in my life. Being self employed is not for everyone, but it is for me. It demands motivation, organization, and discipline, and I have it all. I worked every single weekend of my previous career, and was often up before the crack of dawn. Now I get to sleep in on Sundays, and can get away any Saturday I want to for family get-togethers. If I want to take off a long weekend, I have the option to do that. If I want to work extra to buy something out of the ordinary that I want, I can do that too. I even have more time to hang out with my dog! :-D

Health wise, I feel great! I finally get enough sleep now with a more relaxed schedule, and I have the money to buy all the delicious healthy foods that I really enjoy. I have the time and energy again to cook full meals. Because of the nature of this work, I have taken more of a concern with my appearance, which has made me feel better inside too. I love the way I look now, and I feel so good about myself.  Physically I feel that I can tackle and handle anything that comes my way! It’s an amazing feeling!

Considering the industry I am in, I can’t go without mentioning the impact on my sexuality that I have felt. And in the most positive way. I feel such sexual freedom now. I was warned before I started working as a sex-worker that I may grow to dislike sex, and it would become a chore, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I feel the most confident, comfortable and in control of my sexuality than I ever have before. I have overcome sexual obstacles that I previously felt, and have allowed myself to truly feel one with my sexuality. My mind has been opened to many new things, and I have discovered all kinds of things that I neverk new I enjoyed before! It excites me to think about all the fun things I can try someday, and I am really looking forward now to a lifelong journey of sexual exploration.

While I feel like a businesswoman, and treat everything I do like a real business, the best part of what I am doing is that it doesn’t actually feel like work, because I enjoy it!

Thank you to everyone who I have met for making this such a positive and fulfilling experience. I am forever grateful to everyone who is a part of this community, and so very proud of myself for being fearless and taking the leap to try something different, and out of the box (or maybe in the “box”?) ;-) I can’t tell you how much I have learned, and continue to learn about myself, others and the world around us.

I look forward to many more great experiences!

Love Emily