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Sex Brains & Money is an online TV show hosted by Toronto-based escort, academic and political activist, Nikki Thomas on the All Talk TV Network. It’s dedicated exactly to those three interesting topics, and features Nikki in conversation with “people who have something to say”.

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A Question: What do Sex Workers and Sex Work Clients Look Like?

A common mistake that people who are not involved in the sex industry make is that they think sex workers and clients are somehow different than the people that they know. That they are the “others”. Of course we know this is not true. Sex workers and clients look like everyone else – your brother, your sister, your uncle, your boss, your friend. :) They are often someone’s mom or dad too! They are average people who someone loves, and they are in no way different than you or your neighbour. Most escorts and clients who live in secrecy even admit that if their friends or family knew, they would be completely surprised! That’s called stereotyping and stigma and it’s what the “Sex Worker Rights Movement” is actively fighting against.

Here are two segments from Sex Brains & Money that I chose to share here to help answer this question of what sex workers and sex work clients look like. One interview from an escorts point of view, and one from a client’s! Enjoy! :)

Sexy Escort Cleo Catra talks about her job to Nikki Thomas-Sex Brains & Money Ep 7 Seg 2

“Cleo Catra, a sexy escort from Ottawa, has a fun and candid discussion with Nikki Thomas, host of Sex Brains & Money. Cleo and Nikki talk about the life of an escort, sharing details like scheduling, advertising, and what she loves most about her job.”

Interview with a client: Christian talks to sex worker Nikki Thomas. Sex Brains & Money, Ep 8 Seg 2


“In this interesting segment, Nikki talks to Christian, a man who enjoys seeing escorts as a client. He explains what inspired him to start seeing ladies, how he views his relationships with sex workers, and (for those who are interested) some advice for new clients hoping to start seeing escorts.”



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From her official website,, here is a little bit about the lovely Nikki Thomas:

I’m a Toronto-based escort, as well as the former Executive Director of the Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC). I’m also a three-time graduate from the University of Toronto. I have degrees in Political Science, Sexual Diversity Studies, and Psychology (specifically Cognitive Science, with a nice little helping of neuroscience thrown in for good measure). These nice little pieces of paper suggest that I might know what I’m talking about on these subjects, but even I’m not sure if that’s the case. Strangely, I find that my job as an independent, self-employed escort has taught me more about human behaviour than any university course ever could.

I’m also the host of an online TV show called “Sex Brains & Money” on the Network, where I interview interesting people with different things to say about the titular topics. I’m also an advocate for LGBTQ rights and freedoms, in Canada and abroad, and a strong supporter of animal rights and environmental protections.

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