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The Sex Appeal of Non-Conformity

New research finds following your own path is a turn-on to potential romantic partners of both sexes.

By Tom Jacobs

“Nonconformist targets were more desirable as romantic partners than conformist targets,” the researchers report—a trend that proved “equally strong for male and female participants.”

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Porn Is Not Coming for Our Sex Lives

Recent research suggests that porn is hardly the life-ruining, woman-hating, healthy-sex-murdering specter we’ve been warned about for so long.


By Alana Massey

“One widely held belief is that porn adversely affects women whose partners have turned into ghoulish fiends with dysfunctional and disgusting sexual desires because of their exposure to the graphic images. But the belief that men cannot become aroused by their partners because of the unrealistic portrayals in porn is credibly challenged by a recent study in Sexual Medicine that reveals that regular viewing of sexual stimuli actually enhanced desire for the participants’ sexual partners.”

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The More You Sleep, The Better The Sex Life With Increased Libido For Women

By Guneet Bhatia

“According to the researchers, if is good for the sex life of a woman to get an extra hour of sleep. The study results revealed that women tend to do other things in bed if they sleep a little longer.”

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Is Paying for Sex a Constitutional Right?

By Kathleen Richards

“A lawsuit filed in California, seeking to legalize prostitution in the Golden state, is arguing just that—that paying for sex is a Constitutional right.”

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Research on What Men and Women Need for Better Sex

By Martha Kempner

“Yet another study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that porn will help men enjoy greater arousal with a partner.”

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4 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life Using The Latest In Sexual Psychology Research

By Suzannah Weiss

Reddit Science AMA series post, a Redditor asked sex educator Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., “what is the new science that will revolutionize my sex life?” In response, Nagoski named four paradigms: the dual control model, responsive desire, arousal nonconcordance, and meta-emotions. Though it’s always fun to debate the latest sex research, it’s not always clear how to bring the surprising statistics and amusing theories into the bedroom. So if that all sounds like scientific mumble jumble to you (show of hands??), here’s a user-friendly guide to each concept and how you can use it to improve your sex life.”

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The 8 Elements of Great Sex and Optimal Sexuality

By Dr Petra Zeboff

“Peggy Kleinplatz et al. (2009), has done important research. She looked to what works for people who report having “great sex.” After interviewing 64 people, she found common elements that were found to be associated with “great sex.” She then asked 25 sex therapists to weigh in on the subject to further define what makes lovers feel like they are having optimal sexuality.”

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