Sex, Safety & Security Survey


Post SCC ruling, Canada will be making a decision on what direction we will be going next. For obvious reasons, it’s not always possible for clients to speak up and have their voice heard on the issue. The Sex, Safety & Security survey is a great way for clients to discreetly be heard about your experiences when buying sexual services. It’s so important, especially now, for people to know that sex workers’ clients are generally good people, and are just average Canadians! This is a perfect way to get the word out!

From the survey website:

“We believe that the generalizations that groups seeking the abolition of prostitution make about the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of ALL people who pay for sexual services in Canada are based on moral convictions and speculation as opposed to actual evidence.

In our ongoing effort to present a more complete and accurate picture of the diversity of attitudes, beliefs and experiences of people who have paid for sexual services in Canada we are inviting you to be a part of the largest and most ambitious study of Canada’s sex industry undertaken to date. The Sex, Safety and Security Study, which is part of a larger research initiative funded the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), seeks to provide a safe, secure and nonjudgmental environment for people who have purchased sexual services to have your voices heard and respected and the details of your experiences acknowledged.”

Visit the website to learn more! There are several ways to participate, including online! Go!