Sex Work, Decriminalization & Amnesty International


The New York Times recently published two articles about sex work that I thought I might share. Amnesty International had just released a policy calling on governments worldwide to decriminalize sex work, and so it the issue has been in the news. The first piece is a well-written and very comprehensive piece, exploring the arguments on both sides of the debate. The second is an update and announcement of Amnesty International’s official policy release.


Should Prostitution Be a Crime?

A growing movement of sex workers and activists is making the decriminalization of sex work a feminist issue

By Emliy Bazelon










Why Amnesty International is Calling for Decriminalizing Sex Work

It’s official: On Wednesday night, Amnesty International released its long-awaited policy on an incredibly contentious issue, calling on governments around the world to “decriminalize consensual sex work.”

By Emily Bazelon