Solo Touch


I’ve been reading and been aroused by the erotic user submitted stories on for over ten years now! I stumbled upon it one day during a random sexy internet browsing session and have been enjoying it ever since. It celebrates something we all have in common and all love: masturbation! The stories are from men and women, young and old, and they vary greatly. They range from stories of exciting first time masturbation experiences and those of youthful curiosity, to naughty fantasies in adulthood manifesting and being fulfilled. I personally enjoy all sorts of the stories there, including many of the ones that include more taboo aspects, which can be very exciting.

I feel that reading can be very erotic in a way that visual porn is not (porn is great too, this is just something different). Reading erotica allows room for your imagination to run wild and get in on the action too, and I think that’s an important part of maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with ourselves.

Go take a peek and rub one out! :D