Street-to-Screen is a study currently being conducted by some great folks in Canada who continue to do fantastic research in the sex industry. They advocate for evidence-based policies and were responsible for the Sex, Safety & Security research that I posted here on my blog a few years ago. They presented those findings at the anti-sexwork hearings in 2014 when the Harper government introduced new laws. You can see the Sex Safety & Security study findings here.

Both clients and sex workers are invited and encouraged to take part in this new study. The study is looking to hear about how technology influences the way we communicate, share and gather information. Participation is anonymous, confidential and secure. You can take part online, or as a conversation on the phone, over Skype or in person.


“Most sex industry research focuses on the attitudes, understandings or experiences of EITHER people who provide sexual services (i.e., sex workers) OR the people who purchase these services (i.e., clients).

This study is the FIRST in Canada to investigate the diverse ways that people involved in the provision of AND payment for sexual services use ICTs to develop relationships, exchange information and negotiate the screen-to-screen and face-to-face exchange of services.

We are seeking to provide a forum for both people who sell and pay for sex or sexual services. We believe that bringing the voices and perspectives together will help to better understand the complexities of the sex industry in Canada, the factors influencing health and safety, and how technology use is related to both clients’ and providers’ safety, security, and privacy when navigating sexual service for money exchanges.”

To take part, or to find lots more info about the research and the researchers, visit the website at