The Main Course


Let’s ditch the “fore” and just call it play!

On my first day working as an escort, I was surprised to find out that many of my wonderful guests were not even interested in full on “intercourse”. Over the last year, this has rang true, time and time again and I find it to be both awesome and interesting. Let’s talk about it…

This phenomenon has got me thinking about what we consider to be “sex”, and the rules of engagement, expectations, and the roles that foreplay, intercourse and various other sexual activities play in our sexual behavior.

I love sex. (You’re shocked, I know). But I do not define “sex” itself as strictly intercourse. Sometimes I may refer to intercourse as “sex”, but that’s mostly just semantics. Sex encompasses many activities that we share together in our intimate time.

I think that it’s possible that the old idea which says the act is not complete unless penis to vagina penetration takes place may originate from generations and centuries past where religion played a larger role. Likely the idea that sex is only for the purpose of procreating would perpetuate this thinking. Of course, now we know that is not true. People freely engage in intimate acts because it is part of our human nature and desires, and it feels good!

There is a general idea that men are only interested in intercourse and that women are the ones who need and want the foreplay. In my experiences thus far, I couldn’t find this to be further from the truth. Men LOVE foreplay! A very large portion of my encounters are not “penis-in-vagina” focused and the vast majority of the wonderful men that I share myself and my time with enjoy all aspects of intimacy and sexuality.

The acts of playtime may include (but is definitely not limited to):

-Kissing. Including on the lips with light soft pecks to deep French kissing. I was very surprised when my very first client ever wanted to kiss me so much! I went into it thinking that it would be all about the cock into vagina action. Kissing is one of the most important services to most of the gentlemen I meet. I enjoy it too, so this works out well. Kissing in other places on the body is also important; neck, face, body, feet.

-Caressing, rubbing, massaging, and just general touching and contact. Humans crave to be touched and the the feel of skin is very pleasing to us.

-Breasts and Nipples – Both mine and yours! Nipples are a very sensitive erogenous zone for most women. I just love to have mine touched and it starts to get me very excited. Some men enjoy sensitivity in their nipples too, which can also be lots of fun.

-Teasing. Maybe before I take your cock into my mouth I just want to lick close to the area, rub up against it… make you crave it. You can lick my thighs, rub your nose against my clit… Use your imagination. It’s torturous pleasure, and we all love it!

-Oral sex!  I happen to think that oral sex is a more intimate act than even intercourse. It is such a personal thing to put your mouth on someone else’s genitals.  It’s a beautiful thing to share, gives a very special feeling, and builds a human connection. I love the way a soft warm tongue feels on my special spots.  And I just love to take a nice hard cock into my mouth, slow and deep, wet and delicious.

-Cuddling – Men often get a bad wrap for not being “sensitive” or not wanting to cuddle … But I have yet to meet a man who didn’t enjoy a warm cuddly embrace.

Everyone needs to be touched, and everyone needs closeness with other humans.

Foreplay used to be considered the appetizer and intercourse was the main course. But I can tell you that I have had many incredible experiences where there was no penetration whatsoever. Intercourse can be amazing too, but it doesn’t have to be the sexual end all. Sexual encounters can feel fully complete without intercourse. Satisfaction doesn’t need to rely on one specific act.

Don’t let society tell you what sex is supposed to be. Do what feels right and what feels good at the time. :-D