Whoredom In Print: II


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Disabled Man Loses Virginity to Sex Worker

By Barbara Ings, Philippa Lees

“Steven Leask first asked his dad if he could see a sex worker when he was 19.

The now 21-year-old Australian high school graduate has cerebral palsy, which means he is confined to a wheelchair and lacks control of his body and speech.

Steven’s teenage years were rich with normal experiences — all except for one important rite of passage.”

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Husband Tells of his Life Married to a Sex Worker

By Lucy Kippist

“EVERYONE always says to me, how can you do that? And I just say, ‘I can and I have and that’s my life.’

Meet Justin, 39, a Victorian man who is married to Eva, a freelance writer and sex worker.

The couple first met in high school, have now been married eight years and are raising their nine-year-old daughter.

Justin told news.com.au that Eva’s choice of career has never bothered him.”

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The Secret World Of The Student Sex Worker

By Rebecca Schofield

“Adjusting her skirt, Alice steps out of the house onto the dimly lit street as the sun begins to rise in the distance. She checks the street in both directions, ensuring that no one she knows is approaching to catch her out, she heads towards the route that will take her home as other girls wander past in their now dishevelled clubbing clothes, staggering to comfort from beds they only occupied for one night. When she gets back, Alice grabs her backpack, changes quickly, and heads out the door to her lecture hall, but not before she stashes a wad of cash she earned tonight. Because Alice hasn’t been out clubbing with her mates, she’s been having sex for money to fund the ever-rising costs of being a student. And she’s not the only one.”

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What’s The Difference?

By Maggie McNeill

“No matter what Western religions claim, sex is no different from any other human activity once the possibility of creating human life is removed by birth control.  I strongly suspect that realization is the real driving force behind most of the current American anti-abortion, anti-birth control rhetoric:  moralists (perhaps unconsciously) realize that without the threat of lifelong consequences, people will stop seeing sex as a magical sacrament which is “dangerous” without official sanctification.  Without belief in the mystical significance of sex, prostitution is just another personal service like massage, hairdressing or wet-nursing.  And once one recognizes that, one has to question the necessity for special laws which only apply to sex work.”

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You Can Be a Feminist and a Sex Worker

Sex workers deserve to be afforded the same dignity and respect as any other woman

By Leanora Volpe

“Some people are of the firm conviction that sex work is always exploitative, degrading, and undermines any attempts being made elsewhere to secure women’s place in intellectual and professional spheres. If you get your boobs out in a bar or for a lads’ mag, or work as a prostitute, you are labelled as a slut and it’s assumed that you have no self-respect.

This idea of sex work as degrading doesn’t sit right with me, because for all the work that has been done to give women choices and rights, some women who proudly declare themselves feminists slut shame and body police when it comes to those who work in the industry.”

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