You’re Addicted to What?


I get annoyed whenever I see or hear someone refer to “sex addiction”. It is not a thing. You’re Addicted to What? is a great article by one of my favourite sex writers, Dr. Marty Klein. It’s quite comprehensive, refutes the common arguments and goes back to the origins of “sex addiction”. He discusses how non-professionals are constantly using this “diagnosis”, the junk science behind it, lack of actual diagnosis criteria, and it’s blatant exploitation of people’s fear of their own sexuality.

Of course there are people out there with legitimate problems regarding sexual behaviour, but there is no consensus as to what “sex addiction” is, and no rigorous scientific studies of it’s pathology. It also presents problematic ideas about sexuality and what’s “normal”, and what needs to be controlled, etc.

“New patients tell me all the time how they can’t keep from doing self-destructive sexual things; still, I see no sex addiction. Instead, I see people regretting the sexual choices they make, often denying that these are decisions. I see people wanting to change, but not wanting to give up what makes them feel alive or young or loved or adequate; wanting the advantages of changing, but not wanting to give up what makes them feel they’re better or sexier or naughtier than other people. Most importantly, I see people wanting to stop doing what makes them feel powerful, attractive, or loved, but since they don’t want to stop feeling powerful, attractive or loved, they can’t seem to stop the repetitive sex clumsily designed to create those feelings.

Sex addiction” is a special weapon now used by the religious right to combat perceived liberalism, to ignore science, and to ignite fear. It also helps legitimize anti-sex moralism and bigotry. And psychologists, judges, legislators, and the media are buying it.”


Check out the entire article by Marty Klein in The Humanist,

You’re Addicted to What?